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Submission + - PC makers plan rebellion against Microsoft at CES (foxnews.com) 1

Velcroman1 writes: Fearing rapidly plummeting sales of traditional laptops and desktop computers — which fell by another 10 percent or so in 2013 — manufacturers are planning a revolt against Microsoft and the Windows operating system, analysts say. At the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, multiple computer makers will unveil systems that simultaneously run two different operating systems, both Windows and the Android OS that powers many of the world’s tablets and smartphones, two different analysts said recently. The new devices will be called “PC Plus” machines, explained analyst Tim Bajarin. "A PC Plus machine will run Windows 8.1 but will also run Android apps as well," Bajarin wrote. Another analyst put the threat to Windows bluntly: "This should scare the heck out of Microsoft."
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PC makers plan rebellion against Microsoft at CES

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  • One problem with running Android/x86 apps on a desktop or laptop PC is that Google's CDD requires that the screen size never change after installing an application. This leads to a window management policy of "all maximized, all the time". Even Windows 8 allows "snapping" an app to a strip down 1/4 of the screen.

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