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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: With grants drying up, how is a tech non profit to survive? 2

helios17 writes: Non Profits like this have traditionally gotten started from the money grants provide. Most grants award vehicles, computers and even pay for organization rental and utility costs. The problem fledgling and even established non profits are encountering is the dwindling number of grants allowing for Operating or General Support costs. What good is a vehicle received via grant if you can't afford to put fuel in it?

With the number of Operating or General Support grants shrinking and those available funds competed for heavily, should we be looking on line for help? Can efforts like this be a better way to approach it?"

efforts such as this
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Ask Slashdot: With grants drying up, how is a tech non profit to survive?

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  • Step 1. Find any US gov funded anthropologist. Chat with them about US gov funding, regions of the world with the US is handing out big aid grants.
    Step 2. Sell, present your tech skills in a new light. Your helping sell brand USA to the world, diverting impressionable young people to good US projects.
    Allowing US tech, methods, Universities, hardware, software to filter down to places where its been seen as too expensive.
    Step 3. Find some history project in need of interesting OCR/scanning tech. ie

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