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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Dealing with harassment and uncomfortable behavior 1

zwei2stein writes: My team of about 10 men (IT guys) is expecting new coleague: Female one. It is guaranteed, that there will be remarks, double entendres and inuendos with huge potential of getting worse. We already have woman in team which can somehow handle this (and deliver apropriate verbal slaps). How would you deal with this? We talked about some fun ways — anyone who will do this will have to wear embarassing tie, simple ways — instead of swear jar, having sexual innuendo jar and even fairly harsh punishments — people losing their bonuses for month or their extra vaccation days. I'd like to figure out solution that would be effective, not call much attention to itself and not abandoned quickly.
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Ask Slashdot: Dealing with harassment and uncomfortable behavior

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  • Why would you assume that your co-workers would act like a$$holes? The simpler solution is assume they will act like gentlemen, and expect them to act like gentlemen. If any are falling below acceptable behaviour, then take them into your office, and lecture them. Do not allow bad behaviour to exist. If it does exist and you are the manager then it is your fault. It sounds like you haven't had control of the situation in a while if your "woman in team" has had to defend herself with verbal slaps. On the

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