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Submission + - "PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz" ( 2

quantic_oscillation7 writes: "Phil Zimmermann and some of the original PGP team have joined up with former US Navy SEALs to build an encrypted communications platform that should be proof against any surveillance.

The company, called Silent Circle, will launch later this year, when $20 a month will buy you encrypted email, text messages, phone calls, and videoconferencing in a package that looks to be strong enough to have the NSA seriously worried."

"While software can handle most of the work, there still needs to be a small backend of servers to handle traffic. The company surveyed the state of privacy laws around the world and found that the top three choices were Switzerland, Iceland, and Canada, so they went for the one within driving distance."

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"PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz"

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  • I suspect they will be informed privately that there is a secret law in the US that you cannot provide encrypted products to the public if they cannot be decrypted by legal authorities. And of course, knowledge of the law is also classified so once you are informed about the law, you cannot legally talk about it publicly.

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