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Submission + - Why everyone hates the IT department ( 1

Barence writes: "Why are IT staff treated with near universal contempt? PC Pro has investigated why everyone hates the IT department. From cultivating a culture of "them and us", to unrealistic demands from end users and senior management, to the inevitable tension created when employees try and bring their own equipment into the office, PC Pro identifies the key reasons for the lack of respect for IT."
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Why everyone hates the IT department

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  • A couple years ago, our department needed computers for time tracking, printing MSDS sheets and general use. Our guys rennovated a large storage room with exposed framing and a light plugged into an extension cord into a fully-finished office. We ran the CAT5 ourselves from the new office back to the switch the for the IT department to help expedite them getting us online. We ordered 4 new Dell Dimensions with XP and 17" Viewsonic LCDs. Things went south when they had to be processed through our IT depa

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