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TI Graphlink Linux Software? 13

ajalics asks: "I need a program to transfer files between my Linux box and my TI-86. TheTI family of graphing calculators use an 1/8" jack to a serial port called a TI graph-link. Unfortunatley TI only provides Windows, Mac, and DOS software. Does anyone know of any Linux software that will let me talk to my TI?" If no software exists at this point, is someone working on reverse engineering the protocol?
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TI Graphlink Linux Software?

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  • by Anonymous Coward [] is a great resource for stuff like this. There is some Linux/Unix software at king/software.html [] that can apparently use the TI GraphLink cable to communicate with a TI-{83,85,86,89,92}. There's also a document that's included with at least one of them (xlink85) that goes into detail on the link protocol.
  • I have used the software from I have a TI 86. Sometimes it is hard to compile. If you don't get it, you can always use the dos software from TI with dosemu. Both solutions work great. Unfortunately no GUI yet. Maybe someone is willing to write a frontend, or a rewrite of the code.

    Most of the people who use the TI's are HS and early college students. They then move up to HP's. which brings up the point, is there software for casio's and HP's for linux. I don't own either, so dont yell at me for being ignorant of other than the TI I use.

  • Also take a look at:
    (unix utilities)
    (documents and utilites for many OSes)
    (Link cables and utilities, emulators, etc)
  • I'm a staffer at the project [], and we have *nix software available at (get this!) Unix Programs [] directory. There is linking software there, some that support the TI-Graphlink, others that support various home-made cables.

    Phil Genera
    File Archives Maintainer
    the project - []
  • To begin, I also work on :) Basically, since none of the software is supported by TI itself, people have made a rather loose collection of apps and such for various calculators. One links w/the 85 and 86 only; another for just the 92. Still others link with only a parallel cable you can build for extremely cheap. For more info on these cables, consult this page []. What calculator are you trying to link here? Some aren't supported as well as others (if at all).
  • Xlink85 can be used with limited success with a TI-86. It shouldn't be too hard to write a package for the 86, the Graphlink uses the standard serial interface, and the data format needed is well documented. I started a project for the TI-86, but had to put it aside due to lack of time.
  • The TI-Graphlink software ti has developed for windows also works under WINE. The real question is, where can someone find a compiler to work in linux for the TI line of calculators?
  • I have built a parrallel cable for my TI-83 Plus and I tryed all the available Linux apps, but they didnt work at all, but cal in dos worked very well, btw, it wont work in dosemu because of the parallel emu model of dosemu. So I am forced to reboot into dos to do anything (cal also works from within win9x). I'd like to know if the source is available to see how hard it would be to make something like that for linux...

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