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Lineo Releases Embrowser 24

Fourier writes "There's an article on NewsAlert that says Lineo has released Embrowser, an embedded micro browser designed for applications like set-top boxes. It is currently being ported from DR DOS to the infamous Embedix. " I guess this means that not only do we have another browser for thin-clients and low-end hardware, Linux will have more leverage in the embedded market. Licensing terms are unclear, however...
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Lineo Releases Embrowser

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  • browser at work. That little thing is one of the coolest programs I've seen before. But it seems to me a mosaic based browser (Netscape and IE4&5) would be really shitty to have on a set top box where it's easier to choose options with a directional pad that with some psuedo-mouse on a remote control.
  • Exactly who do they have picking their names for them?






  • Hey, I'm still waiting for a palm pilot web browser that doesn't suck.. need more connectivity.. need more connectivity..

    ProxiWeb works fine for me -- what do you expect, frames and javascript?

  • From their press release:

    Unlike WebTV, Embrowser Allows OEMs to Own the User Experience and Create Customized Embedded Solutions that Connect Users to the Internet via Enhanced Television Devices

    Excuse me... "own the user experience"!? How about letting the user own his or her "user experience"? Makes it sound like some demented browser that you can craft to only browse what you want it to browse... Probably the stupid idea of some marketing droid.

  • This looks interesting. Does anyone know of any cheap small embedded hardware that is already built? I am for of a software guy and not really up to building anything like the Linux Simm stick. With Lineo and this browser, I think I could make some interesting things.
  • Hmmm, Lineo - the Open Source biscuit.
  • Wth! Lineo? Sounds some European chocolate. Why on earth are they in the computer business? Embeded chips in cookies not profitable enough!?!


    Hopefully they'll help the Mozilla people, because that browser makes me hard just thinking about it.. DEATH TO IE! >:->
  • look at the URL you clicked on to get to the article. Search engines tend to highlight keywords.
  • Hey, I'm still waiting for a palm pilot web browser that doesn't suck.. need more connectivity.. need more connectivity..

  • Mmmmm, javascript... Top 10 pornsites popup windows.... (Can somebody enlighten me how do you do image rollover on the palm? OnMouseOver and OnClick is the same thing, no?)

  • WOW! Now then, you suck too! Now that you're done being a weird flambaiter, perhaps you'd like to go back to making more strange sounding names for your marketting department, loser! :-)
  • ...since when are set-top boxes for the consumer market "embedded systems"?

  • I used webtv for a few months (well...) Arrow keys and tab worked fine for me. By directional pad you mean a console gun kind of thing? I prefer joystrike to control the pointer.

    btw, do you guys see the red blood highlight in the article? Is linux a buzz word or what?

  • Microsoft it pretty much killing themselves. I installed vmware for Linux the other day. So what did I use it for? To install NT.

    After installing NT I went to to upgrade there IE browser. Only IE 2.0 does not understand asp pages. So I could not access most of there site. I then went to to try that route only to get messages that does not exist, and that I do not ahve access to that URL.

    So how do they plan on allowing someone with NT 4.0 and IE 2.0 to upgrade? YOu must get service pack 3 for NT then you can get IE 5.0, but you cannot get service pack 3, cause you cannot access there site that easily. They really know how to f*** up a wet dream don't they?

    I really wish the Microsoft had never gotton into the OS business. I think that they should have stayed in the Applications market and left the software industry to others. Yes they have made some great inovations. Who can forget those lovely Crashes in Win 3.1, and GPF's?

  • Humm... I think this means that each OEM can customize their set-top boxes. OTOH, it wouldn't be that difficult to shoe-horn a consumer OS into NTSC, it would just be a matter of making sure the software didn't use small text and things like that.

    Also, embedded these days means 'anything that isn't a PC' :) This can be anything from a telco platform to a set-top box to your microwave. The basic assumption is that the user can't reprogram it at will like they can with a regular PC.

  • NT Sevice packs are often found on video card driver cd's, "Compuserve free trial" cd's, et cetera.

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