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Compaq Names New CEO 23

Prop Head writes "Compaq today named Michael D. Capellas as their new CEO in a hastily called press conference. He was recruited in as the CIO in 1998 and was installed as COO after they tossed Piffer earlier this year. Could this be the end of Compaq's troubles? Time will tell. Click here to see what their P.R. types have to say about it. "
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Compaq Names New CEO

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  • Someone care to elaborate on Compaq's troubles that may now be ending? Sorry, I'm ignorant.
  • 2&mode=thread is an earlier article with some links concerning the former CEO's forced resignation and the reasons behind it.
  • Who cares?
  • As a former DEC consultant, I'm very pleased that Compaq went this way as opposed to the rumors about bringing Palmer back to run the place. Palmer was a great axe man but I never had much confidence in him actually being able to run more than an auction. The rule of thumb in the late 80s/early 90s was if you showed a profit, you were sold. Of course this wasn't always good news for the likes of Quantum, Intel and Cabletron which were on the receiving end.
  • Hi.

    One of the reasons that I read slashdot is

    that technology/business news ration is very high.

    Other news site seems to thing that technology news
    is just business news for the high tech industry!

    So, this is not the type of news I like to see slashdot.

  • Hey, I love slashdot.
    I were just giving some feedback so that it will stay great. :-)

    Last I checked there were no filter named
    No bussins news.

    if compaq develops some great new technology I would
    like to know it.
    Who runnes the company, how mush the stock cost, e.t.c.
    Is just not my interes.

    I have 2 websites and I would love some critique.

  • What's TLA?

    No, I really am serious.

  • jeez, if you don't like the articles posted, then don't read the site.

    or use the user preferences to filter out stories you don't like..

    is it really worth the time to write out a comment speaking your displeasure, as opposed to just moving on to another article, or website?

    get a clue, or run your own website (i can't wait to criticize it.)

  • No, the time to buy is *after* the hideous 2nd
    quarter results come out on 7/28, operating losses
    plus restructuring costs are going to total at
    least 700 Million - don't buy before such an announcement. What is Compaq - a seller of crappy
    PC's with no support, or an Enterprise Vendor, better figure it out soon - time is wasting.
  • TLA == _T_hree _L_etter _A_cronym
  • if anyone can do it, it's got to be him.

    ..met him at a SAP tradeshow back in May in Europe. We SEs were still building the booth. A guy in a dark suit appeared beside the booth. All he said, was: "Hi, I'm Mike"... took us a while to figure out he was the CIO. we were pretty impressed: normally these guys visit the booth for like 10 minutes, and you can't even see them because they are completely immersed in other suits protecting them from the real world.
  • I understand what you're saying but I think you're jumping the gun. Lets see if there actually is a change in the type of stuff slashdot posts.

    There've been a couple of stories lately about IPO's but these have been relavant to the slashdot community ( RedHat, ).

    Personally I'm quite interested in where compaq are going. Everything where I work is Compaq.
  • Yeah, but Palmer was like that too. It's somewhat a hidden agenda to go over what's happening behind the scenes. When I used to do setup/breakdown in the 80s I was far more impressed by the DEC VPs that showed up in shorts and a sweatshirt and got their hands dirty. You felt that they cared about getting it done and had a vested interest in it happening. Suits hovering over setup (never breakdown since they were long gone at that point) always reminded me of the 4 DPW foremen standing around telling the one guy with the shovel to dig faster...

    It is good to know that he wasn't above talking to the SEs but it's nice when they're also willing to dive into the trenches.
  • High, but never 100%. You always have the option of only reading the stories that interest you. It certainly isn't a serial stream. Did you comment to the other sites that their ratio was too low?

    On the other side of the same coin, I will agree with another comment I saw recently that made the point that /. seems to be getting to be more of a press release portal lately.
  • Boy does that all sound familiar. That was certainly part of the DEC spiral. Look at the comments about trying to sell VMS as open standards. The meeting comments especially. Nice to see that DEC lives on...
  • What troubles are compaq having?

    Compaq has profit. Its a slump, it happens to any big company.

    The board directors were running the show until they got a new CEO.

  • CEO? CIO? COO?

    Are nerds supposed to know these acronyms?
  • CEO - Chief Executive Officer.
    COO - Chief Operating Officer (I think).
    CIO - Chief Informations Officer?

    Really don't know about that last one.
  • As far as I know, the previous Compaq honcho's name was Eckhard Pfeiffer, not Piffer.

    Peace, brothas.


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