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Submission + - Open source generated music visualisations of 48 preludes and fugues by Bach

rDouglass writes: Stephen Malinowski loves creating visualisation videos of classical music so much he created his own open source software, the Music Animation Machine, to do the job. The idea for the software started in 1974 with a hallucination, and since that time he's been refining it and, since the advent of YouTube, posting the results online.

Now he's completed an epic 48 video set of visualisations to the "Open Well-Tempered Clavier", a public domain music project by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, and the results are spectacular. These are not cold, mathematical renderings (though there is a ton of mathematics involved in creating them — his blog mentions terms like Voronoi tessellation). These are artworks that bely an uncanny understanding and love for the underlying musical structures in Bach's music. It is Stephen's deep comprehension of contrapuntal music and fugues that makes these videos compelling musical / visual experiences.

Press release:
See the whole playlist here:

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