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Quickies a go-go 63

tilly sent us a really interesting little article on Why O'Reily is Better written from the perspective of one of their authors. Rahga wrote in to comment that the new KDE Mascot Looks like Playstation's "Croc". He's got a little poll. I vote no, but its close. tilly wrote in to note that Sunday's User Friendly is funny- it features a the ultimate choice. And for the best Star Wars quickie today, Sharkey sent us a link to this picture. Just look at it. Somewhat related is this one from an Anonymous reader: The Dark Redemption which is a 26 minute short film being directed in Australia- it takes place 2 days before the beginning of Star Wars, A New Hope and is apparently being done with permission of Lucas. gwendolin wrote in to ask the ultimate question: Do you dare to eat pop rocks and drink pepsi at the same time? This is wierd stuff (both the page, and the fact that a female with a cool homepage submitted a story!) Some Slashdot Sightings: VinceV wrote in to say that Slashdot apparently is mentioned in the printed manual for Caldera OpenLinux 2.2. cymen wrote in to tell us that Slashdot appeared in the Mit Technology Review. No URL, but someone sent me a scan (that I can't post for they fear the Slashdot effect) but its pretty cool. And finally, for some good old fashioned porn parody, gelbardn sent us Geek Erortica which features live strip shows of Ms. G3 and Ms. Dell. (No its not actually dirty, but its quite amusing).
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Quickies a go-go

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Http://www.n-link.com/~rrjadams/ [n-link.com]

    It's a funny guide for all of you who are considering "camping" out for your tickets.

    It even has a sweet T-Shirt printout if you do!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    They look almost nothing alike. They are both green and curved - and that's about the end of the similarities. The curvature is just classic of a certain style of art.
    The eyes - different shapes (round and oval). Different colors. Different location (front of head, top of head) 1 has eyebrows, the other doesnt.
    The head (nose?) different shaped. The chests both have horizontal segments, but not in the same color or pattern.
    One has wings, the other doesn't. The body is completley different shaped. The feet arent the same. One has knees, the other doesn't.
    If you mean "are they both rendered and green" then yes, they are identical in those two categories. But also note that the author of this page changed the colors on one of the pictures (gimped, brightness=+97, contrast=+91) so the colors probably aren't even identical in actuality. Basicly these two characters have the common trait of being computer generated. If you play around with the colors a bit, im sure Yoshi could look as much of a match.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I remember when I was a bit younger making out with pop rocks in my mouth...the girl loved it. Obviously depends a lot on who you're kissing too...
  • AC wrote:
    Maybe you didn't find the right ones.

    Actually, I agree with the previous poster - these are just a couple of screenshots, like every website about programs has its screenshots. Themes are not good or nice - everyone has his own opinion about such values. Themes may be good in the sense that they're easily usable by the programmer. Maybe Qt does that trick better then GTK does. I don't know.

  • Posted by Moritz Moeller - Herrmann:

    I must say I am really annoyed with Slashdot!
    While the site is very useful overall, some Editors seem to drive their personal agendas against KDE. Yes that's you CmdrTaco.

    I personally submitted a story about the new theming KDE 2.0 / QT screenshots under this link [jorsm.com]. The themes are marvellous, linuxtoday and other impartial sites reported about them and Slashdot runs a quickie about a similarity between the unnamed KDE mascot and some Sony Playstation character?
    I guess when Gnome finally releases it's first mail reader that can decode HTML mails it will become a Slashdot feature!
    Please try to be more impartial and check out those screenshots. They are amazing and will convince every person of the technical merits of the great work of the KDE developers. I can't wait for the first Beta of KDE 2.0.
    Thank you for reading this.
  • I remember the movie Dune. I saw it in the theater and fell asleep. I then watched it when it was on cable, and fell asleep... Hmmm, I guess I only remember *some* of it...
  • Hell no!

    Coke and Pixie Stix forever!!!

    (sorry, I'm a Coke addict,
    and I like dusting it...)
  • Is that how long you poor sods have to wait for The Phantom Menace to come out? Ouch, that sucks! My condolences.
    Beer recipe: free! #Source
    Cold pints: $2 #Product
  • Don't you get it? Star Wars is postmodern. That means it gets to rip off every good SF idea before it, as well as every epic, villain, architectural style, weapon, ship, and religion!

    That said, I love Star Wars. I really do think that its deliberate postmodernism is its true genius. But I do think Lucas is going a little overboard in ripping off the spice theme. :(
    Beer recipe: free! #Source
    Cold pints: $2 #Product

  • Maybe they should release Q3A in Europe first on May 19th, and release it at a more appropriate time in the States. Say July 16th.

  • My experience with O'Reilly on my chapter of the Open Sources book was actually somewhat strange. My editors did acquisition, not editing. I had to work hard to get any criticism from my editor, and then I just got one sentence. They spell-checked my chapter but do not appear to have done any editing. One day I got e-mail from them (Sara, I think) about their having lost my contract and could they please have another copy. They did, however, pay me, and the contract appears to have become un-lost at some point.


  • > "an essay predicting the arrival of "sexbots" that never have headaches."

    Thanks, Jon! Now we're all a bunch of stupid perverts! Go watch Citizen Kane! Why does this "sexbot" episode still hang around like a bad fart, anyway?
  • by drix ( 4602 )
    I seem to have missed the point of the User Friendly comic strip... anyone care to clue me in?
  • by drix ( 4602 )
    Oops.. strike that. Isn't May 19 the release date of Starbuck?
  • What happened to Ms Linux (aka la femme nikita)? hmm where's that article...
  • Actually it's Argonauts...

    Read the packaging, and support developers, not publishers.

    Thank you.
  • by DarkClown ( 7673 )
    notice: i worked on a commercial shoot for pop rocks as a pa about ten years ago. i snagged a box of assorted flavors that i experimented with for about a year. sticking them between your upper lip and gum and then taking a shot of jagermeister has been proven to induce automatic vomiting, no matter what.
  • The last thing you can expect from Slashdot is being impartial.

    But I must agree that posting this is really nasty. When creating an cartoonish figure like the KDE mascot, you'll always resemble similar figures so some extent. And dragons are very popular.

    But exept for the colour, this 'Crock' doesn't look very much like the KDE dragon, and Stefan certainly didn't think of it. He may have thought of Tabaluga [tabaluga.de] or Urmel [augsburger...enkiste.de] from Augsburger Puppenkiste, which is very popular in German-speaking countries.
    But IMHO the KDE dragon is still unique enough, and in particular it's an excellent piece of work.

    As I've said posting this was nasty, as it degrades the work of the artist without giving him the possibility to comment on that.
    I don't mind Rob posting "Gnome rules" statements all the time, but he should drop those "KDE sucks" ones.
    Please report rather the newsworthy things about KDE and let people decide on their owm.

    And yes, KDE themes stuff [jorsm.com] does matter!
  • I thought I recognized that home page.

    Jay (=
    (yes, that TrentC)
  • Enlightenment is prettier. And there aren't any pesky QPL things to worry about. I don't think it sucks or anything, but if I want cool I'll use Enlightenment. If I wan't functional, I'll use fvwm.
  • Anyone else have trouble getting to the strip pen
    page? It crashed my browser 4 times before it
    loaded properly. I really didn't think I was going to get it the 5th time. I just kept going back so Talkback would send a bunch of bug reports. :-)
  • Well, the "Dune" movie had Frank Herbert's blessing, but producers Dino de Laurentiis and daughter cut Lynch's five hour epic down - removing key scenes in the process.

    Frank Herbert has an essay on the making, at least reprinted in the short-story collection entitled "The Eye". He even lists the scenes cut.

    Don't blame Lynch, blame the de Laurentiises. (Agh! How do you pluralize names properly in English?)
  • It is just geek humour (joking about the sad lack of swarms of females who are like us). No one is trying to belittle anyone.

    Hmmm. Now I have to go back to my Cobol assignment. Yuck.
  • The plot for that Star Wars short seems a whole lot like Dune. Banished to a planet that produces a telepathy-inducing 'spice'?
  • I don't see what's so amazing about these screenshots. It's just another screenshot. Sheesh.
  • Choose? Only if you don't have enough money for both. I explicitly deny that "we can't have are cake and not eat it" has any meaning whatsoever.

    What you do is: wait in line for the 12:01 AM showing, catch a few Z's, then be at (insert favorite software store here) at opening time for Q3A.

    Or get Q3A first then wait in line for Star Wars.

    And, yes folks, if you can't get one or the other on May 19th, there's always May 20, 21, 22, 23,... This ain't exactly a "Your money or your life! I'm thinking it over!" situation here.
  • by mTor ( 18585 )
    Yep.. it does look like Croc.. no wonder it looked familar when i saw it yesterday.. didn't make the connection tho.

  • and not all us females are luddites, rob [e.g. This is wierd stuff (both the page, and
    the fact that a female with a cool homepage submitted a story!)
    ]....maybe it's because you're in the midwest where i've heard it's not quite as evolved, but i know a buttload of technologically proficient [albeit lowly] females out here [sf/bay area] as well as online.

    i'm not a PC bitch [in any sense] but the constant backhanded girl comments are getting a bit tired.


    p.s. i am, however, really getting off on the fact that *i* am being /.'d ;]

    p.p.s. i highly recomment the jack london square theater in oakland for sw:tpm when you're in town next month. real easy to get to on bart, reclining bucket seats, and all the up-to-the minute tech crap.
  • i was brainwashed by trekkie esperantist parents and several years at a women's college, where i was held captive and tortured by my commie professors until i admitted that girls are almost as capable as boys.
    p.s. i *am* thrilled by rob's compliment btw. truly. madly. deeply. rock on, kids.
  • by Nerrajam ( 20715 ) on Sunday April 25, 1999 @07:57PM (#1916909)
    Since it appears that Tech Review didn't post the article online, here's the full text (it's just a little text box at the bottom of a page). Please excuse any transcription errors.
    Geek Show

    Listen closely and you can hear it: the gentle sound of millions of folks nervously scratching their heads wondering just what the heck is going on with the open-source, or "free" sofware that has suddenly gotten so much attention (see "Programs to the People," TR January/February 1999). There's no better source of information, rumor and opinion on this phenomenon than Slashdot, which titles itself: "New for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."

    The creation of 22-year-old Rob Malda -- whose nom de Web is "Commander Taco" -- Slashdot feels like a geek clubhouse. Malda and others post articles on topics ranging from "the personalities behind Linux" to an essay predicting the arrival of "sexbots" that never have headaches.

    Anti-Microsoft sentiment permeates the site; these people know their code and they're offended by what many perceive to be bloated, inefficient software. The "Ask Slashdot" part of the site ranges beyond programming, as knowledgeable participants weigh in on quirky questions like, "What is the bandwidth of a nerve?" (Answer: Well, it depends on what you mean by "bandwidth" and "nerve").

    This is one of those virtual communities you hear so much about. Articles generate a torrent of (mostly) well-informed commentary, much of it signed by "Anonymous Coward" -- the epithet Slashdot assigns to contributors unwilling to reveal their names. In one persistent thread, commentators proudly quantify what they call the "Slashdot Effect": the spike in the hit count experienced by Web pages that Slashdot links to. Look to this site as your technical and cultural guide to a powerful movement that is starting to emerge from the computer underground"

    -- Herb Brody

  • (No, I do not use GNOME)...

    Will you stop whining? Yes, KDE is nice,
    yes... it now has features that MacOS/GNOME
    /AMEIGA have had for yes, and yes, you will
    be spending the next 10 monthes fixing hard
    refenced pics, and debuggin them. Good for

    Make it so that KDE is not such a memory and
    proccesor slob and I will have more respect.
  • Just thought i'd put in my opinion of O'Reilly books, for those of you that care (of course, all of you that do care probably already KNOW :-)

    O'REILLY ROCKS! They put out the best computer/programming books I've ever read. They're concise and to the point. No mindless garbage. Except Larry Wall's Perl anecdotes, but those are funny. :-)

    The only O'Reilly book I have that I wish I didn't buy was a book on the PalmPilot. From the table of contents and the back, it seemed like the book would have some good information on programming the damn thing, but all it has is a little chapter saying "Buy CodeWarrior and read the manual it comes with" or something to that effect. Ugh.

    Oh yeah, and I wish I didn't buy that Perl handbook thingy, but only because I lost it somewhere under a pile of crap in my dorm and ended up spilling bong water on it :-(

    "Software is like sex- the best is for free"
  • The release of Star Wars. Thousands of people will have choose.

    And you can't have both because we can't have are cake and not eat it.


  • What would you choose? Star Wars or Quake3?
  • How could anyone not see the similarities?


  • by JEP ( 28735 )

    You're obviously not putting in any serious effort here. If so, you'd see that Croc was a (gasp) crocodile, not a dragon. Kroc is basically Croc with wings and longer claws.


  • I thought the same thing... Aren't the similiarties between Star Wars and Dune enough already?

    Nica having Mara Jade though. She looks familiar, has she been in movies before?

  • ever think of moving to say... Ohio? we have a definitive shortage of women into technology. For an example go to the peer to peer personals off of userfriendly & search on Ohio. You will get several guys, but no women (at least as of a couple weeks ago).

    Any women want to move to this state? please? ;)
  • If you've ever been to the south island of new zealand and seen a canterbury rugby [big bastards chase an oblong spheroid pigskin ball] supporter you'll know what i mean.

    that maul dude is nothing compared to those guys -- they open beer bottles with their eye-sockets and drink more beer that yo mama!

  • He must have taken the advice "'i' before 'e'
    except after 'c' or when sounding like 'ay' as
    in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'" too literally.
  • Yea! Let's dig up one of the most stale flame war topics on slashdot!

    I'm sure much will be contributed to the discussion this time around.

    Minds will be expanded, and whichever side demonstrates more flaming prowness will see a massive influx of users as everyone abandons the losing side.

    Noone ever said slashdot was impartial FWIW. Never assume anything or anyone is impartial.
    When you see evidence of a bias some where, feel free to point it out, but don't whine about it.
  • I'm not too surprised at the difference. Open Sources is a book of essays of people's opinions, not necessarily of the facts :-) While I'd expect a technical editor to be able to thoughtfully correct and proofread I/O stream architecture, I'd imagine they wouldn't have a lot to offer to opinion essays.

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