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IV Quickie Drip 36

Squeezer sent us the April Edition of ext2 and Jim sent us the April Edition of FreeBSDZine . For the obsessive, Evan Vetere sent us a link to the Amazon preorder form for novelizations of the prequels. Its a 4 book set: 4 different covers, but 4 copies of the same book. Doommaker sent us linkage to info about that other cool movie coming out: Southpark is also gracing the big screen. bjb sent us a link to a applet that will Shred Any Web Page. Particular cheering after a long unsuccessful day. DaMan Penguin Pez Well, its the season for Peeps, and Italica sent us a url to a page of fun things to do to your leftover marshmellow bunnies. Not enough candy torture? frohike writes sent us another one. What did those bunnies do to deserve this? An anonymous reader alerted us to Wierdos. Finally, an another anonymous reader sent us the most Hilarious Attorney Page Ever. Its for Leonard Crabs, Attorney At Law. "If your legal case is not won within 24 days, we''ll buy you a free combo meal at Taco Bell." Go now. Its funny.
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IV Quickie Drip

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  • want to see something really wierd? shred fishdot that furby hooker thing at fishdot is hillariuos, but uh, dont try 1-800-furby-sex, it uh, doesnt work
  • Fishdot... it was kinda humorous to see it pop up. Shame it doesn't have any worthwhile content, it really is a cute idea... although now everyone and their dog is probably gonna run a slashdot clone (a la * - have you seen now THAT is crazy) oh well i personally thought it was funny :P "News for fish, Stuff that's wet." love the little fish logo too.. hehe..
  • Maybe someone should thoroughly check out claims before they post. When the Shredder is pointed at it doesn't return anything at all. I know there isn't much there for it to shred, but it is still a web page.
  • I don't browse with Javascript or Java on, so the Shredder did nothing. But, hidden away on the Fishdot page was a link to the most demented thing I ever saw, Stick Figure Death Theatre [] and that was worth the whole trip :)
    Is there anybody else who, after watching a bunch of stick figure death movies (frighteningly enough, there are good and bad stick figure death movies), who was reduced to hysterical laughter watching the Stick Figure Waiting For Godot? (adapted!)
  • Posted by Paul-K:

    ...and the fact that dumping them in LN makes them REAL COLD was somehow surprising, ay? :)
  • I like the little new-media spiel at the end of
    the Shredder's "about" page. Reminded me of the
    installation ANSI movie from Terminate.

  • I just did a couple, and damn! the results would make pretty cool posters - sort of avant garde tehno-art. I'd love to have a few of my personal page and my company's.
  • What a neat idea: a filter that turns any web page into a WIRED page layout!
  • I suppose it's an adequate introduction for those who didn't know that Pov-Ray existed. Unfortunately, it makes the blatantly false claim that Pov-Ray is open source.

    Just because you get to look at the source doesn't mean it's open.
  • Does this mean I have to buy four tickets in order to see the movie at all?

  • is just down or has it been slashdot'd already??? ouch that is fast...who can't wait to hear "you bastards yada yada yada"
  • Too bad that User Friendly / Segfault / BeDope thing was all a joke, because Leonard Crabs could have saved them for sure! (And even if he didn't, Illiad would get a free burrito!)

    Is it just me, or does alot of that shredded stuff end up looking like something from Superbad []?

  • Maybe I'm missing something. What is the point of the 'shredder'?
  • a fan of slashdot put it up as sort of
    a fun little personal site. he says so
    near the bottom. I guess he showed it to
    Rob (CT) at the Linux gathering at that cafe
    not too long ago. CT thought it was funny and
    hence it showing up in the quickies.

  • That lawyer page ruled - had me laughing from the beginning to the end. What is with the fishdot page. Absolutely nothing to do with fish anywhere (or any other coherent topic for that matter) Just some guy that liked the /. layout so much that he just HAD to use it for something? By the way, isn't that page shredder just an early version of the netscape layout engine? :P
  • and all I got was

  • :-)
    I think the sequel to those pages should be chocolate rabbit experiments ;-}

  • Anyone use the Shredder on yet?
    I could do this for days! :-)
  • The Peeps pages are truly ingenious. I wish I had the time to do that stuff.

    I enjoyed shredding Microsoft's page.

    I hired Mr. Crabs to take my case. He offered me the Taco Bell meal upfront.

    What's up with Fishdot? I can't say I'm impressed.
  • Right, because somebody has the time and ability to test it on the entire web.
  • I think I will have to take him up on his offer once the SW toys come out for Taco Bell....
  • Of course, my favorite thing to do with marshmallow bunnies if to dump them in Liquid Nitrogen. They get real cold and kind of stick to you tounge when you eat them, and make a very pleasing crunch. They taste almost like astronaut ice cream.

    -- A wealthy eccentric who marches to the beat of a different drum. But you may call me "Noodle Noggin."

  • Since primary/secondary DNS for wasn't responding @ 4:45pm PDT I had to get a non-authoritative response ( ./'s DNS cache.

    After a couple of failed HTTP connects and ping attempt I did a trace and discovered that is on the RBL hitlist.

    If you are curious, the complaint that put the ip on the RBL can be found at
  • You use Netscape. I figure you can see the logic in watching Microsoft's web site burn(even if it is for your own pleasure).
  • Isn't that lawyer employed by MS yet? I was under the impression that every attorney in the country is being retained by them for one reason or another. Plus, the picture of Bill Gates eating his combo meal at Taco Bell is really funny to me for some reason....


  • No point, just fun

    "Responsibility for my career? I'm just a freakin' phone monkey!"
  • I shredded my homepage, took a screenshot, and have a new background. Pretty cool!

    "Responsibility for my career? I'm just a freakin' phone monkey!"
  • I've done alot of these things to the marsh,allow bunnies.

    The best?

    Pop one in the microwave for about ten seconds. Impressive as hell!!

    Gets about ten times as big!

    "Responsibility for my career? I'm just a freakin' phone monkey!"

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