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InterNIC Blowing Up (again) 105

Active writes "Internic has a potentially major bug on it's hands: thousands of domains are showing up as not registered, from to Even and are showing up as not registered. I've tested it out and it let me register and others. Many domains are showed up as registered., for example, is correct."
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InterNIC Blowing Up (again)

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  • by ximenes ( 10 )
    According to what? WHOIS says that all of these domains are registered by the proper people.
  • "You are supposed to whois the toplevel domain. . ."

    Toplevel domain == .com, .net, .nu, .cx, .cc, etc...
    Second-level domain ==,,,, etc.

    This comment may not be reproduced in any media, in whole or in part, without my express written consent.
  • I'm not sure if this is Internic or Demon. I've had that problem on a Majordomo list I admin, only occured for one Demon user on it though so....

  • This was my favorite:

    No match for "INTERNIC.NET".

    The InterNIC Registration Services database contains ONLY...balh blah

    Your Favorite OS Sucks.

  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    Here's a keeper for ya.. []

    Seriously though, it looks like they're pulling all the POC info.

  • [drw@abyss drw]$ whois
    No match for "MICROSOFT.COM".

    We can all dream, can't we?

  • One of the domains I own is working fine with whois, the other is returning "No match". I tested a few other domains that I've always wanted to own, but, alas, they're all still showing up as registered. :( ;)
  • Both of my domains are working fine now, including contact information (which was missing before, even on the one that worked).
  • Despite what NSI told Kenneth Stephen above, it is now 2:53 PM EST and doing a whois on,, and still yield errors (errors IMHO look like case sensitivity errors;,,, and show up separately). Freaking out since I registered 2 new names for my employer 2 days ago, I quickly checked out all the domains _I_ control and they're all fine (for now). Is this going to be fixed by tomorrow? I, like others have mentioned here, have had problems modifying records lately; I eventually gave up and faxed my modifications to them (and had to do that twice). What's going on over there? I've always been more than willing to cut NSI slack 'cause things have basically been working (which is better than not working, which is bad (TM)). But the past 3-6 months it just seems like NSI does one stupid thing after another. Isn't ICANN supposed to be doing something about this, especially after their big pow-wow in Singapore?
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by NJViking:

    I see no such odd behavior. Perhaps someone
    queried Internic at the wrong time?

  • Posted by stodge:

    So this might be why for the past few days whenever I send an email to my parents (they use UK Demon) I get errors:

    ... while talking to

  • ... and I thought my ISP was getting flaky ...

    Put them out of our misery, please!
  • I just called them. It appears that they are going through an upgrade, and everything will be fine by 2:00 PM EST.

  • All real DNS queries seem to be working, dont they?

    > server
    Default Server:


    Non-authoritative answer: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = DNS4.CP.MSFT.NET nameserver = DNS5.CP.MSFT.NET

    Authoritative answers can be found from: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = DNS4.CP.MSFT.NET nameserver = DNS5.CP.MSFT.NET internet address = internet address =
    DNS4.CP.MSFT.NET internet address =
    DNS5.CP.MSFT.NET internet address =
  • Before seeing this on slashdot I was trying to look up the domain record for my domain and couldn't find it! In a panic I emailed my web service provider. Glad to see it wasn't just me, but this is still not good. NSI needs to get their act together.

  • I still haven't decided how lazy I should be about this: On 23 February, I sent in a domain modification to change one of my nameservers from a deceased machine to a new machine that had agreed to be secondary. This was switching a nameserver, not editing the existing nameserver entry. I know this should work because I actually used the text file from the LAST time I changed a nameserver.

    InterNIC sends me back a reply saying that if I want to change ISPs, I have to use the enclosed template. The template they tack to the end is domain-template.txt [] version 4.0 - the exact template I sent them in the first place!

    I might be missing something - but I doubt it.

  • According to the new regulations, you have to prove that you are capable of providing this service - I think NSI is failing miserably. I can only hope the ruling body feels the same.

    It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in their offices these days.

  • I have noticed about an hour ago that my NIC handle TM978 was missing. I have thought they have deleted that because it was too old ;-)

    But now I am seeing it again. Interesting.
    And just one minute after it is gone again. May be they use some kind of load sharing and one of the servers has lost its DB ?
  • JLester wrote:

    > I registered a new domain last Sunday
    > and it still hasn't been added.

    1) If you don't get a reply email with a tracking number within an hour or so, resubmit.

    2) If you do get a reply email with a tracking number, but they don't finish processing your submission, fax a copy of the reply email to them and they will process it manually. They need a copy of the reply email with the *tracking number* to do this, that's why there's step 1 first.


  • But that would require actual effort and thought on the part of Internic. And when have they ever demonstrated that?

    parting = Sorrow.sweet("such");
  • You can go as high as OC192. And I belive the problem is not bandwidth, but overworked systems.
  • They've been discussing this on NANOG. Apparently NSI is doing some sort of WHOIS upgrade that was supposed to be finished around 0800 EST. Now they're not giving out any ETA. Some domains (like are visible again, but some are still ugly. Check out I re-registered my domain just in case...
  • by Krux ( 8331 )
    You bastard... I wanted
  • It's KDE 1.1, probably running on Red Hat 5ish (note the duff, easily-fixable Courier fonts).

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not - you probably are, but it's hard to tell on /.
  • I don't mind using my nickname to point out when Rob has (yet AGAIN) done something lamebrained.

    He panicked and whimpered over the possibility of libelous AC rumor-posts, then goes and does something like this voluntarily.

    I'll bet he chases fire engines and ambulances in RL, too...

    (I'll also bet this post gets scored extremely low for pointing out Rob's blunderous stupidity.)

  • At least someone saw my intention.

    All of the 'get a clue' posts need to take your own advice. I come here for news (as do most others), and I find it embarrassingly irresponsible of Rob, knowing the effect a slashdot post can have on another site, to contribute to an already existing problem.

    It's one thing when the linux counter *asks* him to post and then gets /.-ed off the net, but its entirely another when someone writes in and says 'hey, this site that I have no association with is having problems' and then Rob posts it here so that 10,000 teenaged idiots can bring the site to its knees during its already existent instability.

    As for you people who 'just don't get it', maybe Rob will one day add salt to one of your net wounds by handing your URL over to the 10,000's of readers who come here. With any luck, it'll melt your overclocked CPU and get you out of our hair for a few days.

  • I registered a new domain last week, received a
    tracking number and all, but it still hasn't been added. Their website and e-mails from hostmaster advertise a 24-48 hour turnaround on new domains, but mine has been waiting a week now. This is ridiculous for something that even I could automate without too much trouble. Something definitely needs to be done about it.
  • I registered a new domain last Sunday and it still hasn't been added. This is very frustrating when you expect the 24-48 hours that they tell you on their website and in e-mails. I've registered several domains in the past, but they haven't taken this long. Something definitely needs to be done about them.

    I think even *I* could write a system to check new domains and add them every night. Just delete them later on if you don't receive payment, but don't stop everyone from adding new ones. Maybe make everyone register their handle before they can add domains. Then, if I've been verified and always made payment in the past, they automatically register mine immediately.

  • No problems here. *shrug*
  • Maybe domain names should be rationed, (ie, put a limit on how many names one person or entity can hold). I know this is draconian but I'd much rather see the names spread out over a large part of the private population than a few speculators or name-greedy companies with the vast majority.

    This would be something like the limit of tickets one person can buy at the box office, to prevent someone from buying a whole bunch and then scalping them.

    Just a few random ideas.

  • Hum - they couldn't share the data with the new registry agents if they, say, couldn't keep the data straight, now could they? I would think, however, that corruption should cause call for greater diversity and redundancy (MORE competition) in this arena. So, I would suspect its an honest mistake. Good luck to people with this system.
  • Um, your an idiot. Don't you understand what intermittent means? Bringing attention to this problem was responsible journalism, even though I don't think anyone considers /. a regular "news" entitiy. I know, it's "News for Nerds Stuff that Matters," but /. is not trying to come off as some ethical, responsible, holy'r than thou, news site. At least I don't consider them as such. /. is for fun! It's "News for Nerds" and "Stuff that Matters." Maybe you don't belong here. If you don't like the content, seek your "news" elsewhere. Just because he titled it "InterNIC Blowing Up (again)" makes it libelous?

    You are an idiot.
  • Get a clue, no one considers slashdot to be a responsible news site. It's a site for nerds to learn about some of the latest rumors/happenings in the online world. If you have a problem go away. We don't like you.
  • I'm not surprised to see these calls for prior restraint on the part of /. This merely indicates a lack of careful thinking. Putting brain in gear before clicking "Submit" is always a good policy.

    Just how many queries do you think the whois servers and NSI registry servers get in an average hour?

    If NSI can't handle 10,000 queries in a couple of hours,


    Not only that, but NSI of *all* companies involved with the net (that includes Microsoft, MCI and all the other 800 lb gorillas out there) deserves scrutiny for how they do business. From the very beginning, I've always felt it was unwise for the US government to hand over a critical function like domain registry to an obscure and basically unaccountable private business, and this just adds to the evidence of why I was right.

    As for the impact on sites reported on in /., it's not like this story is about some out of the way site running on a weak ISP with an oversubscribed T1.

    Get real.

    PS Not a few commenters here might want to brush up on their knowledge of how the net works. Start with the difference between "registry" and "name server."


  • Nonsense. Given that the net was much, much smaller than it is now, Internic registration pre-NSI (yes, kiddeez, NSI is *not* the Internic, it is a service they manage under agreement with the US government, but the Internic long predates NSI) was fast and accurate.

    And, yes, it was free (in effect, paid for by your tax dollars).

  • sean@sks-pc [17:56:52] /home/sean> whois
    No match for "MICROSOFT.COM".
  • Just checked it at 10:16 (pst) and my domain came up with flying colors, contact info to boot. From the time it took me to read the article it went from "Can't find ya baby" to "Yes you do exist".

  • by atrox ( 16408 )
    # whois -h
    No match for "SLASHDOT.ORG".

    The InterNIC Registration Services database contains ONLY
    non-military and non-US Government Domains and contacts.
    Other associated whois servers:
    American Registry for Internet Numbers -
    European IP Address Allocations -
    Asia Pacific IP Address Allocations -
    US Military -
    US Government -

  • <quote>
    Rob posts it here so that 10,000 teenaged idiots can bring the site to its knees during its already existent instability. </quote>

    Internic probably didn't even notice. With the servers handling the load that they are, a mere slashdot effect isn't likely to have much effect. On that note - it might be interesting to ask them if they did notice.

  • NSI doesn't have to apply to become a register. They're going to seperate their business into two divisions:

    a) Running root name servers and the back end whois database, as well as maintaining the authoritative zone files.

    b) Selling and processing registrations.

    New registrars will buy the things in (a) from Internic at the same rate that they sell it to their (b) unit.

    So don't think that Internic is going to go away.
  • I think the original poster is being rather presumptious to believe that he knows slashdot is making it worse.

    If there really was an upgrade going on it probably has nothing to do with us looking things up.
  • Your point is well taken.

    I was trying to figure out how objective Rob & Crew could be for the [] announcement on slashdot. Rob is listed as being on the advisory board [] for the site. A journalist might decide not to run the story, or would hand it off to another reporter who did not have such an investment in the organization.

    Now most of the time, the um, Slashdot editorial staff isn't posting items, such as this one, which are potential news makers in and of themselves. There have been a few times, such as the recent LinuxWorld conference where we would get a few snipets here and there.

    But even so, this is not /.'s strong point. Slashdot is really good at filtering out everything else that is going on Out There(tm) and publishing links to news and information, a good portion of which I feel comfortable considering as journalism. And then we get to post comments about what we think (some of them off-topic), which isn't too far off from what Rob & Crew do in the two or three lines that usually accompany each post to the homepage.

    When I come here (which is usually a couple times a day) I always consider the source, I use my own critical nogin, and I don't feel like I have to be led around by every piece of information that appears on slashdot.



  • Isn't it ironic that people like my fellow slashdotters and myself complain about the very slashdot effect problem that they also help contribute to and help strengthen?!
  • Here's what I found:
    • For one site I'm working on, whois [] is "not found" but [] can be visited (not that there's anything there yet).
    • An "on hold" domain name I've been waiting to become available was "not found," so I fired off the e-mail registration template I had ready-made for such an occaision, and got a "this domain is already registered" error in return.
    • Some whois requests returned "Sorry, you shouldn't see this record" but trying them again immediately worked. (What is this message? When would this show up when things are working properly?)
  • Maybe Micro$oft did that... took over AltaVista too! Damn, damn, DAMN!
  • hehe i'm gonna claim !

    bye bye rob ;)
  • This may be another argument for using alternate domains other than the 'big 3,' besides the lower cost. My domains [] on the .cx hierarchy [] have never been in question.
  • I GOT !!! naaa na ne boo boo.'s mine all mine.
  • What do you expect from NSI?
    Anyway it looks like the problem is getting fixed.
  • Not only that, but for domains that are listed, no contact information is given. What a bunch of lamers. Let's slashdot [], that'll teach 'em.
  • The Kow got this 4 U...

    Old news by 1 h though

    Subject: Re: Netsol's own gTLD nameserver 6 days behind?
    From: Chuck Gomes Add to Contacts
    Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:56:13 -0500

    By the time you read this the problem should be fixed. A problem was
    encountered with hardware.


    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Sam Hayes Merritt, III [SMTP:harter@FEEDING.FRENZY.COM]
    > Sent: Saturday, March 13, 1999 9:47 AM
    > Subject: Re: Netsol's own gTLD nameserver 6 days behind?
    > On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, William X. Walsh wrote:
    > > had 1999030600 which is nearly a week
    > > behind the other nameservers
    > Blah, its fixed.
    > [sam@spleef sam]$ soa
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > 199903120
    > --
    > Sam Hayes Merritt, III
    > --
    > DOMAIN-POLICY administrivia should be sent to
    > To unsubscribe send a message with only one line "SIGNOFF DOMAIN-POLICY"
    > For more help regarding Listserv commands send the one line "HELP"

  • I recently lost I just noticed it this weekend. I was about to pay for the domain when I notice I didn't own it anymore. Granted my payment is late, but in the past the ALWAYS send you a final notice bill. I'll have to contact them tomorrow and see if I can straighten this out. Some is going to be unhappy here either the new owner or myself. I can't believe this could happen.
  • It's true I am addicted to domain names and have far to many, but I am not a speculator. I found out right away that the domain names that I wanted or needed were hard or impossible to get. Then I found that the domain names close to the domain names of site that I had developed we being taken. As my sites started getting popular others would nab the common typos and such just to get the traffic. Then I started getting the domains around my domain before I started to develop sites. Now I'm just in panic mode, so it's getting hard to raise the cash to pay for all of them as well as keep up the sites, so they go past due a lot.
  • I registered a domain, received both emails acknowledging the receipt of the registration and the email stating that the domain had been registered, and then waited and waited. Nothing showed up. I finally registered to domain name. This time everything went as expected. I don't know what would have happened is someone would have registered the domain in the mean time. It seems the "my" domain name was wide open to whoever wanted it.
  • I tried and some time ago...InterNIC couldn't find them, and I merely deduced only I had this problem.
    Well, now it CAN find 'em. Good.
    It broke and came back to life.
    Kinda like most things I happen across. Guitar amps, motherboards. Maybe I'm an incarnate Slashdot effect? ;]
  • Luckily the root nameservers still work...

    (11:45am)(jcs)(tty7)(~) whois
    No match for "INTERNIC.NET".
  • telnet to, then type 'whois a'

    Whois: whois a
    getrecord: Error in format for file (NO EOR)
    getrecord: Error in format for file (NO CR)
    getrecord: Error in format for file (NO EOR)
    getrecord: Error in format for file (NO CR)
    [ snip ]
    [No name] (a)
    [ snip ]
  • My sites are showing up unregistered! I really respect NSI for what they have accomplished and I hurts me to see they are going down.
  • by dhj ( 110274 )
    I wasnt kissing ass thank you. Its not hurting me any - you can still get to my site.
  • Quick, somebody register all of the famous domains that are claiming to be not registered!!

    Seriously though, some machine at is just being slow (Slashdot Effect??). I managed to get's and's registration information out of it..

    Interestingly enough, by posting an article about their machines being messed up, we're messing them up more. The Slashdot Effect can be a destructive force, you know...

  • whois looks like it fails about 50% of the time on, and when it does fail, it usually fails repeatedly. Could be a that only a few of their servers are actually hosed. Checking the regsistration online at seems to consistently work for me.

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