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South Park spoof of Star Wars 84

Jason Eric Pierce writes "Countdown has created a South Park parody of the first Star Wars prequel trailer. Read about and download it here. "
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South Park spoof of Star Wars

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  • if i wanted to see obnoxious kids who were vulger and had bad language.. i could do it realtime on irc...

    ... or just read <meta name="keywords" content="..."> on your web site.

    BTW, sex and kitten hardly mix well together... unless you are into bestiality. ;-)

  • Well, it was posted on Slashdot with the title, "South Park spoof of Star Wars." So one would presume (at least I did) it was a parody of Star Wars using South Park characters. So then it rolls back to, why watch it if you know it contains South Park?

    Unless you were referred to the site from somewhere else, then one would wonder why comment about it on Slashdot, and not to your friend directly...
  • i, for one, am taking may 19th off from my job at an extremely large chip-manufacturing employer

    Frito-Lay lets you just take days off? Wow.

  • You put your whole head up your ass, didn't you?
  • And, I'm not talking about the TV Series either. I'm speaking of the original book version; it had epic scope with nearly believable storyline.

    Some thought the original TV Series was a bad rip-off of the books! I thought Star Trek TNG was a poorly done product in comparison to the original TV Series. At least, the original TV Series TRIED to deliver the flavor of the book.

    Now, it's just a bunch of special effects with second rate acting and predictable plots. Special Effects should enhance rather than be the storyline. :(
  • I know, right? You'd think these people would have keeled over in agony by now, but nope. They're still out there taking the time to actually go INTO the articles that are causing them so much misery and tell everyone about it.

    Pretty weird if you ask me.
  • Here's a Mirror of both the star wars movie and parody.. [] ChiefArcher
  • Where do you find a donkey that small? Don't tell me they've found a pygmy gene.


  • Then you sir, are an idiot, it's a god damn movie.
  • if i wanted to see obnoxious kids who were vulger and had bad language.. i could do it realtime on irc... and with those people i can yell back..

  • by Akira1 ( 5566 )

    Might wanna try #movieworld also, I just happen to help run that channel. We usually have good stuff on our dump sites, and things get continually ripped by members.

    try here for info: Movieworld []

  • by Athos ( 11806 )
    Do we have to?
  • They were fine for me, but I had a T1
  • Well said.
  • What could be more lizard-brain than sitting around watching cartoons swear?

    Besides, it's been done to death. It's even worse than 'swing-dancing'. gag me.

  • I hereby retract my comment on the comments on the latest posting by Jon Katz. These one outdoes every other Commentforum I have seen yet.

    I remember reading an article in an in-flight magazine (United Airline's magazine, IIRC) where the author related her experiences upon acquiring an AOL account and heading for their chatrooms. She was immediately accosted by someone bearing the nickname ``DemonBoy'' who claimed to be fourteen years old and proceeded to spout what he thought were obscene comments (but were actually quite uncreative). The author asked the question: ``Have we built this nationwide network simply for this kind of mental masturbation?'' The question is apt indeed.

  • If you really don't enjoy the spoofs/parodies, then simply don't watch them. You seem to be rather upset ("It's just pathetic"), and I don't see why you would upset yourself purposly by watching these parodies.

    My site contains 100% GPL'd source code :)

  • >I don't give two squeaky farts about.

    I needed this laugh today.. Thank you.
  • It worked fine at home on my Win9X box. Craps out after 2 seconds at work on my NT4 box. I don't have any other QT movies handy to test; is it general to QT3/NT4 or specific to the Star Wars trailer?
  • Gee, it must have been expensive to set up an entertainment center good enough to forgo a visit to a theatre to see Star Wars I. I guess it would be more convenient than waiting for a couple hours in line, maybe.

    I'm not sure which will get bigger, VCD or DVD. My bet is on DVD, because the quality I've seen suggests that DVD, or at least properly done DVD, is better quality than VCD.

  • I had the same problem with NT4. Pile a poo it is. I suggest going to and downloading one of the MPEG encrypted versions. That way there's a million and one different players you can use.
  • This was posted under the topic 'humor' rather than 'star wars'. Hmm, how long before we get more than one topic for an item? But, anyway, it's not the software that's broken in this case.
  • you guys are obviously too young to enjoy star wars. i, for one, am taking may 19th off from my job at an extremely large chip-manufacturing employer and will watch the new star wars episode at LEAST twice in that day.

    go george lucas, and thank you rob.
  • I got an AVI zipped (13Mb) an it was fine. (Love that T1 at work) and every one in the office didn't have a problem. You probably have a crappy old machine that should have been retired years ago.

  • South Park is played out, but...I have a copy of this video on my site with the new Star Wars trailer.

  • Damn Apple Goober!

    Go back to school and learn to capitalize I.

  • Hey! I take personal offence at that remark! Star Wars came out it 1977, and Spaceballs came out in 1980 somethin"! Screw that noize!!!

    [sudden tug on the monofiliment line]

    Oh crap!

    [My slippery. fishy, body rockets through the nodes to a suspicious-looking post]

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