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Google goes Beta 31

korc writes "Looks like Google has gone from it's rather long alpha stage to Beta. Looks like they expanded their pages and hey, they're hiring! " Also amusing to me is that their cached version of Slashdot is from October. But it is all running on Linux.
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Google goes Beta

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  • >Ever since I came across google. typed in my standard "If they find these I'll be impressed" terms and it returned the right link as number 1 for three of them and as number 2 for the rest, I've been a huge fan.

    Ok, I'll bite (byte? ;), what are these "benchmark" searches?

  • Posted by Tanq Tonic:

    here is the site to learn up on linux

  • Every now and then someone comes up with an idea that makes you say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Google is just such an idea. Giving priority to the words used to link to a page from other pages is brilliant, and it works! I quickly dropped hotbot (which I had had the most success with) and now use Google for most of my searches. (I use DejaNews for the rest.) With Hotbot, I used to think I was doing well if the info I wanted was on a page within the first few screens. With Google, I'm disappointed if it's not the #1 hit. Ahh, progress.....

    While I join others in hoping that Google doesn't become as butt-ugly as hotbot, I do hope that they can make a ton of money off of this idea. They deserve it. If that means I look at a few ads, so be it.
  • by kfort ( 1132 )
    Python makes perl look like a pile of dog crap.
    Perl is the most unstructured mess of a programming language ever created. "Hmm, what else can I throw in this language?". Also Python handles OO style programming MUCH better than perl. Forget perl, teach your children python.
  • Interesting you should mention google.. I was just there for other reasons, and found a post to the linux-kernel list about a program to recreate partition tables.. :)

    it's 'fixdisktable' at

    http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/people/chaffee/fat32.ht ml

    in case anyone is interested!
  • by AMK ( 3114 )
    Perl's still more convenient for text processing than Python, because regular expressions are part of the language instead of being in a module, as in Python. But, since there are lots of people who don't do text processing, that's not much of a disadvantage.

    Anyway, most things can be found on www.python.org [python.org]. Many people started off with GvR's tutorial [python.org]; O'Reilly's "Learning Python" book [oreilly.com] is currently scheduled for release in April.

    Java hackers should take a look at JPython [python.org], a 100% Pure Java reimplementation of Python that's an astoundingly cool tool for prototyping and testing Java code.

    People interested in the Web should look at the recently freed Zope [zope.org]; the documentation still needs work, and lots, lots more examples, but it's also a very powerful publishing system.

  • I spend far too much time in the same data center where Google's equipment is housed. They use the same cabinets-o'-PCs that Hotmail uses - with 21 drawers each having a motherboard screwed to it with some RAM and disk drives. Quite dense. I'd love to get some of those cabinets and run Beowulf on them. Anyway, Kingstar makes them -- www.kingstarusa.com.
  • by deusx ( 8442 )
    Been meaning to go back to learning Python... I just have a huge, huge, huge pet peeve with any language that uses indentation as a language construct. I hate Python indentation style!
  • Well, either live with the prospect of banners, ads, and links-- or start sending money. How else do you expect Google to stick around when everyone flocks to it?\
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  • As long as they dont start putting a ton of ads etc etc on their pages, a few doesnt matter but a couple of big time ads would be best, they will be pretty big. I hate using altavista, yahoo and the other search engines because they dont give me the information I need. Also when searching for good linux docs google seems to pull up the most relevant pages. I really like google and I hope they work on getting their search engine even better and then worry about the advertisers. They better not sell out they better stay small and they will be the the top.
  • I am a Yahoo user (by habit, it was the first and only one that actually gave me what I was looking for, way back when in '95), but I have slowly come around to them. Their "I Feel Lucky" button has save my bacon a couple of times since it can get you to a company's driver page usually on the first go.

    I just hope that they get the context menu like the other search engines have. Sometimes I can't really think of what I need and just wandering around in related URLs helps.

    Two thumbs up.


  • though I haven't bothered to figure out if Netscape will let me use it for the quicksearch thingy.
    I started with Yahoo in '96, used metacrawler until it got too much like the other search engines, with ads and fluff.
    I like the ability to display 100 results at once and it gives me good returns. Also sometimes use altavista for those obcure text string.
  • You might wish to look at the Open GRiD Project page: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~maxim/OpenGRiD/ [sunysb.edu]

    Open GRiD stands for Open Global Ranking Search Engine and Directory.

    The ideas of this project should lead to creation of a distributed architecture for searching, ranking, and categorization, that improves on the good features of Google (and the Open Directory) as to for example provide Google ranks with stabilizing peer-review and evaluation feedback (currently Google uses only positive feedback).

  • ...they`re going to throw in loads of banners, adds and "related" links. One of the more important reasons why I use Google is the speedy way it gets me to the pages I need, without having to wait for all that cr*p to be downloaded. Anyway, Google rules !

  • Hehe... now that you say it. I've noticed I'm geting up to three hits per minute ! I should have put up some porn banners dammit. I could have been made rich by the $lashdot effect by now :-)

  • You can find out how important your home page is by looking at the number in the top left corner. The web site I work on scores 61. Slashdot scores 64. Yahoo has the most important page on the internet that I have seen (scores 87). My home page is not indexed yet.

    I found what algorigthm Google uses to rate a page by using Google itself to retrieve a page which had been removed from the net but cached by Google's database. It's a nifty system. See http://www.google.com/cache?q=google.stanford.edu/ %7ebackrub/google.html&docid=19591632

    Go Google!

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