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QuakeII Coming to BeOS 58

Adrian Ziemkowski from wrote in to plug a story that the Be/Quaker subset of you will enjoy: QuakeII on BeOS. Screen shots and other comments. Glide accelerated on Voodoo2 cards. Free upgrade for current Q2 owners.
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QuakeII Coming to BeOS

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  • Yeah, in fact you can see where the Quake III image was pasted, there's a faint outline around it.

    Was a bit disappointed to see this, actually. What's the deal here, are Be doing an MS-video type demonstration?
  • Posted by Soco:

    On my system once I pop open the About box from the Deskbar, the uptime does not change in real time. Its just an about box. As for the time on the deskbar,
    mine has said 3:45 for about about 3 hours now. The
    replicant that does time has died and is no longer updating.

    Besides, I think Be's demoed the version of Q2 for people as a way to show off their OpenGL libraries.
    They've said they were using Q2 to test their accelerated opengl...
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by Soco:

    Yeah but now that be has their 3d acceleration developing rather quickly, it shouldn't be long before Q3 is also released on BeOS. I would venture to guess that i'll probably be on BeOS shortly after its released everywhere else. Id has cooperated quite nicely with Be for sometime, giving them all their source for both of the Quakes. John Carmack's not exactly Pro-BeOS, (from his comments in his .plan files he's more pro Rhapsody) but Apple's barely ahead of be on this front...
  • Posted by DonR:

    Are you looking at R3 compatability, or R4? R4 has a lot more scsi support, including adaptec cards. It also supports the TNT out of the box (via "experimental" drivers on the cd). Not sure about the Yamaha sound card, but the voodoo2 will be supported in R4.1. Check out for more hardware compatability information.
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by Wayne Steele:

    The ONLY operating system I use at home is BeOS. At work, all of our servers are Linux (recently converted from NT) and our desktops are [puke] Windows 98 [puke some more].

    Like Linux, BeOS is orders of magnitude better than any Microsoft OS. And since my primary interest in computing is software development, I am very attracted to the BeOS OO API.

    Now that you've got some background, I'd like to get something off my chest...

    I've been personally following and using Linux for several years. Over that time, I've seen the OS improve tremendously and I'm quite impressed with what the GNU/OSS developers have achieved. My only complaint has to do with the growing number of arrogant zealots entrenched in the Linux-using community.

    You see, back when Linux was just getting its start, there were vast armies of Windows trolls spreading FUD and ill-informed, less-than-flattering information about anything non-Microsoft. These armies continue their work to this day, and I fear too many Linux users are using the same tactic towards anything non-Linux.

    I, for one, respect an honest, well-researched opinion even when it differs from my own. What I don't appreciate is people dissing something they've never seen or tried for themselves. This applies not only to Windows vs. Linux vs. BSD vs. BeOS, but to things like C vs. C++, GNOME vs. KDE, or Red Hat vs. SuSE.

    So who cares if the Quake II port for BeOS is late? Since gaming isn't my bag, I don't care at all. What I do care about is supporting individuals and companies who strive to make computing better for everyone. Be, Inc. is one of those companies.
  • Posted by Wayne Steele:

    The uptime refreshes on my system.
  • Posted by Wayne Steele:

    Damn you guys are paranoid! ;-)

    As a matter of fact, the pictures ARE doctored. The guy who posted them admits it and explains why over at...

    No worries!
  • Posted by Wayne Steele:

    From what I understand, they render on the 3Dfx card and then copy the contents from the 3Dfx framebuffer to a window on the 2D card. There is a performance hit for this trick, but you can always switch to full-screen mode for maximum speed.
  • It is explained in the article.
  • I LIKE Be. It is fast, stable and easy to configure. It even has a bash shell. I HATE Unix (no offence to those who like it).

    And before you accuse me of not trying Linux, I have tried Linux again and again from kernel 0.9x (an SLS distro) all the wat to RedHat 5.0, as well as FreeBSD, HP/UX, Solaris, and IBM AIX. I hate them all.

  • MY FUCKIN copy of BeOS came today and like 10 FUCKING MINUTES at the front door, someone fucking ripped it off! i am BEYOND pissed, ESPECIALLY b/c its my birthday may be a neighbor so i'm gonna grill his ass when i see him

    HotsOS home
  • are they getting VooDoo2 acceleration in a window . . . and will it work with SLI?
  • A killer app for BeOS. :)
  • I was being fasicious... ;>
  • BeOS makes it easy to write a multithreaded app, and the OS services it provides are multithreaded, but if you port a single threaded app, it's still a single threaded app. Sure, the OS calls you are making might be serviced by threads running on another processor, but all your ported code is just running in one thread.

    That said, Be's OpenGL might allow, say, transformations to be done on a different processor than the game logic is running on. It depends on how it was written.

  • Great now if only Be would support any of th hardware in my machine.
    onboard adaptec scsi not detected,
    Riva TNT not supported, voodoo2 not supported,
    Yamaha PCI sound card not supported.
    So one more game that I can play just as well
    if not better on win98 isn't going to get me to
    try Be again.

  • God, this shows how much the average Slashdot reeader actually understands about what they speak... seems to always come out real strong when BeOS gets mentioned.

    In any case, highly pervasive multithreading is the target for Be apps BUT nothin to prevent you (and in faavt many reasons to need) one large thread. BeOS still breaks down driver calls, etc., into tiny, highly prioritzed threads, but it doesnt have the smarts to take a straight port of the source and spit out a highly scaleable app.

    Not to be said that it couldnt done, but would likely require major rewrites to be more Be-like...

    If things were that easy, we'd all be building Beowolf clusters and our software would majically restructure itself as neede (unless thats what TransMeta is working on...)

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but for anything to run on Be, doesn't it have to support the "pervasive multithreading" Be touts?

    If I'm right, and I think I am, that means you could have Quake II running on 8+ processors.

    No lag here.

  • If you look at uake_large2

    And: ke_large

    The time in the lower right hand side, and the uptime on the two systems is EXCATLY the same. Anyone know what that is?

    They talk about why the picts looks funny. Question answered.

    I am looking forwad to more info about how the Be version of Quake will be DLable....
  • Hmmm... can we get even more ass-kissey, Be?

    Tim Self, VP Developer Relations of Be, Inc. said;
    Pentium III's new high performance instructions in conjunction with our flexible approach... .

    How the hell does a Pentium 3 get CREDIT for running Quake on Be? Notice Be does not reccomend anywhere on their suggested systems pages... NON-INTEL PC's. I won't even dig up the PowerPC issue, even though they still sell but not support that version.

    I despise puppets as much as who pulls the strings. At least Red Hat could take an Intel investment without compromising their integrety and licking Intel's face like some scrawny lapdog..

  • You guys missed the coolest part about the story:

    "You might also notice that Be, Inc. has Voodoo2 powered Glide drawing in a Window."

    Uh... Isn't that the SHIT? Voodoo power for your 3D apps? See what I'm saying?


  • riva tnt is supported, the experimental drivers work just fine. I have a an SB pci128 (es1370 chipset i think, which is what the yamaha uses) and it works just fine with the downloaded drivers.
  • Those other 7 processors would be handling other threads. Q[1|2|3] is a single threaded app so more processors doesn't equate to more performance.

    The good news for those w/ multi-processor boxes is that the other stuff your BeOS is doing while you're playing Quake isn't reduced to a crawl.
  • Someone port X to Linux, and Emacs and Netscape and Ultima Online.......
  • for once a developer is running ahead of schedule. initial reports for the quake 2 beos port stated that it wouldn't be released until r5. now i'm REALLY getting excited for the r4.1 patch..

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