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Comment Re:Pricing... (Score 1) 150

And it might have done, but the economics of Concorde were predicated on cheap oil, and it became operational at the same time as the energy crisis of the early 1970's, when the price of oil sky-rocketed.

Because of this, and because Governments typically make policy on a short-term, knee-jerk basis, the revised version of Concorde (which would have been cheaper to operate) was cancelled.

Comment Re:Pricing... (Score 1) 150

Dunno about the price today (CGI-CBA) but, ten or so years ago, the full price of a round-trip business class ticket on British Airways (paid for by my company) from Heathrow to JFK was ~£2,500, and the flight time is about 7 to 8 hours depending on wind speed and direction.

There are lots of people who will pay twice that price to travel in half the time - after all, Concorde wasn't grounded because people wouldn't pay the premium for an ultra-fast trans-Atlantic crossing, it was grounded due to FOD from a shoddily-maintained Boeing owned by United.

Comment Re:Short Sighted (Score 1) 501

That's all very well, right up until your router dies, or your ISP has a wobble, or someone puts a back-hoe through a cable, or screws up a BGP or DNS update, or your host changes their terms of service, or has a power outage, or goes bankrupt, or...

Unlikely, you say? All this, and more besides, has happened in the last twelve months, to every tier of service and provider.

On the other hand, my dev environment (with the exception of any online documentation I don't have a local copy of) will survive all of the above, and more besides.

The only thing that would stop me coding would be locally-applied force majure... or a Firefly marathon.

Comment Foreign travel... (Score 1) 127

The main driver is for the ability to pick up a cheap PAYG SIM when visiting another country and use it side-by-side with your own - cheap local calls and not going bankrupt paying for data roaming, while still having your own number active.

I spend a few months every year in another country, so my last two phones have been dual-SIM for exactly this reason.

I realise most Americans never travel more than 50 miles from their home, and so this is a non-issue, but for the rest of us it's rather handy.

Comment Re:Not availiable in most of the world (Score 1) 218

Beginning with series 22, Top Gear was available to re-broadcasters worldwide at the end of each original broadcast on BBC2, thus giving them the option to be able to show it before it appeared as a torrent.

Not sure if this continued with series 23, and I expect no-one will much care if it is or not with series 24.

Comment Re:Make it cheaper (Score 1) 218

Well, I downloaded three different torrents of E01 until I found one where both the audio and video were of acceptable quality, for E02, the second torrent was good enough, and by E03 I'd worked out which sources were not screwing up the encoding...

I suspect I'm not alone in this, so unless the "illegal download" figures have already taken this into account, extrapolating anything from the trend is a waste of time.

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