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NPR reports on Windows Refund Day 23

bad brains writes "This morning National Public Radio's show Marketplace had a report on the now infamous Windows refund day. They talked about Linux and the Australian Network Administrator they reported as starting it all. A run down on the story should be here, or you can goto Marketplace's site. " H: It looks like the information isn't up on the site yet-but I heard it this morning-good stuff. I've been reminded-Public Radio International actually does Marketplace, not NPR. Mea culpa.
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NPR reports on Windows Refund Day

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  • 9:50 EST...
    even if the refund stuff is good, if you play some games, you need windows98 (yours or one of yours friend :o)
    also i choose in a special store all the components of my PC, when i took it, on the HD there was windows95 (osr2.5) and plus! installed, they installed it to test the PC and the hardware (why plus! ?), anyhow i deleted it to install a french version

  • ... Finally got there! :-)

    Well, hope the Windows Refund Day will be as successful as the publicity that has surrounded it :-)
  • I'm sending my licence back to Microsoft in one of those $3 priority mail envelopes to:

    Microsoft Corp
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052

    Asking my money back because it crashed too much that I installed Linux. Yep, I used it and it was a PTA. I may not be legally bound for a refund, but I'm asking for another reason: I tried it and found it was a lemon.

  • My user group gave away HP OEM copies of DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 last year. What's the chance of getting a refund on this old lot? ;-)
  • Why are we doing this on Presidents' Day?
  • by El ( 94934 )
    Visual Studio is good, but it's debugger sucks, since M$ is more concerned with preventing you from using the debugger to reverse-engineer M$ code than in helping you actually find and fix bugs...
  • yeah you're right!

  • Has bill ever allow you sell his software
    and keep the money?
  • Mainly because this year, those of us with some sense in our heads, realize its VERY inappropriate to celebrate president's day with a mattress sale
  • My school also received the complete source to W95, NT, W2K, and Office! M$ paid us to just to look at it, and write testimonials. The nice guys from M$ said that, even though their own apps programmers can't see the OS source, and the OS guys likewise can't get the apps source, since we're neither one, and just students, we can see it all!

    It's GPL'd too.

  • tua mater
  • Doh! See my web site: so we can get some presidents (i.e. $) back.
  • anyone been able to find a realaudio copy of the story anywhere? i'd like to hear it.

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