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Silicon Graphics

SGI x86 Linux Servers 36

I think I need an SGI icon- the news from out there just keeps streaming in- Mage sent us a link to an interesting bit from Federal Computer Week talking about x86 Servers designed to run NT or Linux. The article has a pretty glaring mistake though, saying that Red Hat and Caldera are "Public Domain" Operating Systems. Update: 02/08 05:11 by CT : Hooray! We have an SGI icon now. Anyone have one for mp3s now?
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SGI x86 Linux Servers

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  • I think it's more like News for Nerds, by Nerds. All Nerdly news All the time. (well most of the time. :)
  • >It's not "News for Nerds", it's "News from Nerds".

    Same thing! :)
  • As mentioned there is
    restrictions in the license...
    I'd like to point out though:
    He didn't say the distributions
    were public domain,
    he said they distributed linux...
    If they bundle the kernel with non-free stuff
    that is not an issue in this case...

    Just feelt like picking at something... :)
  • Create your own if you don't like this Slashdot. It's Rob's to operate however he sees fit - and he doesn't have to ask anyone else for permission to do it however he wants. This is his place. Go somewhere else, you ungrateful bastard.
  • Posted by Jeremy Allison - Samba Team:

    I'm glad SGI has finally announced what they're up to in the Linux world.

    When I joined SGI to do Samba for them many of my colleages thought I was insane :-).

    There is *mucho* cool Open Source work going on within SGI right now.... more than I'm allowed to talk about.

    But SGI "gets it". That will become very clear, very soon .... watch for more announcements.


    Jeremy Allison,
    (*NOT* speaking for SGI).
  • But it's jibberish. The tenor clef (?) symbol should at least be in front of the notes otherwise how are we to know what value those note have.
  • Hmmm, oddly, so many people cried "SGI is dead!"

    Guess not... :)

    As long as SGI ports over all the hardware-specific libraries/etc. than Linux should be pretty killer on SGI boxes. Hell, I'm psyched.

  • I'd rather see a "digital music" logo, so that the topic can contain news about VQF and the other standards for encrypted/protected digital audio. This issue is bigger than just MP3.
  • Make a machine without whoopass 3D -capabilities-, yes. Actually adding the necessary software so that the whoopass 3D could be used under Linux is a different story.

    However, according to ye olde rumor mill, SGI is working to add 3D support for their hardware under Linux. Whether that means one engineer working part-time, or a volunteer fed tidbits of technical info, who knows.

    An official statement from SGI would be nice *hint hint* :-)
  • SGI's crossbar switch and cache-coherent NUMA are superior to Sun's.
  • -shrug- Well, what did we expect from somebody who goes and actually writes "Hahahahaha!!!" in his post? Sense?
  • why is it that most reporters have to use a lot of "buzz" words, or "technical" words to discribe something that they have no idea about? did they never hear about research? Geez, it makes you wonder about watching the news at nights. Cause when you know about something and you hear these boobs report about it, you always realise that they screw stuff up. So imagine when you don't know what they are talkign about, they could buy you and sell you for a fool.
  • The SGI site for Linux [], I think it would be a good idea to modifiy this a bit and include it in here.. Very cool. Seems like tux is wearing an SGI t-shirt :)
  • Software works which fall under open source licenses can be considered public domain, depending on the definition of public domain. If the definition of public domain is chosen to be "software without an owner," then it is not public domain. However, in many fields, public domain is defined as any piece of software where the license does not place restrictions on the distribution and modification of the software in question. This definition is the one used in the free software exemption of the cryptography clauses in the Wassenar Agreement, for instance. Both are perfectly valid definitions of public domain.

    Since the software in RedHat distributions are all free software (except certain packages included in the commercial distribution only), the software in RedHat Linux falls under the later definition of "public domain."
  • hehe - I've been looking around and they are hard to come by - it might end up being ripped off of a proggy or site or something. :::shrug:::
  • by Taos ( 12343 )
    As the parent company to A/W, how about maya coming to linux and compiled for every platform under the sun. How many times have I written a comment like this?

    Excuse me while I drool over Maya running on Linux/Alpha. Sigh.
  • My interpretation was that it called Linux public domain, and that it was available from vendors like Red-Hat and Caldera were two seperate statements , just worded all funky style.
  • Hope the twitchy lawyer types don't sue you for giving them free publicity.

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