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Ebay Auctions its Own Stolen CSoTY Award 49

Smack writes "Ebay didn't pick up their Cool Site of the Year award (just like Slashdot). So someone else picked it up for them, and now they're auctioning it off on Ebay itself! The price is already up to $130.00. What beautiful irony..." God bless the Internet. Now I'm beginning to wonder where my CSoTY trophy ended up... Update: 02/03 03:34 by CT : Wired picked up the story a little bit ago. They don't know where our trophy is either *grin*
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Ebay Auctions its Own Stolen CSoTY Award

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    ...your trophy was in Nepal. Cows had set up
    a shrine to worship it, and use it to ward off
    the Yeti.
  • It's not really a zine, as the Smug people noted in that article. More of a news site.
  • Posted by The Universe is Infinitely Expanding:

    gosh, i think you might be right about them fake bids. but i just found out that eBay is actually totally down with this auction -- think of the press and hits they're getting (far more than they would receive for collecting the award in the first place) -- and would totally cooperate.

    guess no one's getting arrested. that's good.
  • To whoever wins this one, put in on your mantle for a week, and then put it back up for bid on ebay, proceedes going to charity! Maybe we can keep this going on and on and on... With lots of money raise for charity. You know the publicity would be great for charity and ebay.

    To eBay, advertise this in your comercials. You never know what ill show up on eBay. Like our own cool site of the year award that we forgot to pick up. It could be yours! There is no such thing as bad publicty, and this could be good for them.

    PS, I'll forgive eBay if they close this auction and demand their award, but I think they are better off in this case pardoning anyone who holds the trophy for less then six months, and donates all proceededs from the sale to charity.

  • Right now - 12:00 CST, the award is at $510.00! What is up with that?
  • AFAIK, it's somehow related to the fact that the original site that morphed into ebay had information on the ebola virus.
  • I didn't provide the form. It was on the site that was taking the votes.

    Why? Just to give it a shot and see how high I could go.

  • They mean exactly nothing, except for more hits for the awarding site (i.e. free advertising).
  • thats freakin great stuff. I would feel bad for ebay, but its basically thier own fault for not picking it up..
  • $5100 wtf? I really hope this got so high because some people found this a nice way to contribute to charity. if not...
  • It's time to end this thread before someone strings us up, and I'm knot feedin ya lines here...

    I think that sentence above is worthy of accord, but save it for later, I'm kinda tied up.

  • Over $450 now.

    Slashdot should get a cut.

  • Actual Demonstration of Advanced Engraving Process That's just too funny...
  • Actually, the lemming mentality of most internet auction-goers makes it quite profitable to buy merchandise at wholesale or even retail and resell it on eBay.

    Check what a Palm III goes for on vs. eBay and you'll understand.
  • by mattc ( 12417 )
    What is the name "eBay" supposed to mean? Just a nonsense word? I couldn't find any info on their site.
  • Man... last I looked.. it is now at $5100... Someone gotta notify CNN and have them do a story. Hell.. I just do that right now. Man.. that is one of the most funniest story I ever came across about this. :)
  • WIRED had this article [] about the subject this morning.

    Funny, and really really impressive of anyone to pull of a stunt like that on impulse!

  • Why bother w/eBay?
    Let's use /.
    I'm selling a Newertech G3 300MHz/1 MB backside
    cache card for PCI Macs/clones. New. In the box.

    List: $750
    Street: $650.

    If you meet my reserve, I'll sell it to you.
  • it was spotted in Gnu York.
    Do you mean Gnu Yak?
    That's where Mom's horny sister got married, upstate.

    Deer anteloped, Buffalo.
  • Bidding is now at $150.
    Keep'em coming! (Not that anyone will read
  • Can the winner pay with McDonalds gift certificates?
  • by I-man ( 95468 ) on Wednesday February 03, 1999 @06:54AM (#2024161)
    Interesting conflict of morality for Ebay. On the one hand, they claim they've got everything, and are impartial in regards to the sellers. On the other, what do you do when you know without a doubt that someone is a)selling (your) stolen merchandise or b)misrepresenting the merchandise they sell through you?
  • -laugh- It's at $9.50 now, and is a "Hot Item." I'll bet there's a lot of confused non-/. people out there. :-)

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