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Toys R Gus Is Back Up! 20

NutBat writes "Just wanted to let the /. community know that the Toys R Gus site is back up and running. Head over to this page for the explanation. "
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Toys R Gus Is Back Up!

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  • I suspect it was /., or the plug was pulled (again)
  • by Trepidity ( 597 )
    the people over at, themselves previously the victims of one of these disputes, have set up a Domain Defence Assistance thing to help out others in similar situations. Read the page here [] or subscribe [mailto] to the mailing list (put "subscribe" in the subject body).
  • /.'d already. I'm thinking this site has really limited bandwith and server ablities and choked. But that's just my opinion.
  • The owner of ToysRGus seems to think that the case is weak, but the names are too similar and I have to agree with ToysRus.

    So you're saying that if someone trying to go to accidently typed, they're going to be confused and think it's Toys "R" Us? Have you even gone to the Gus' site?

    I don't think this confusion will be made. That is, unless they can't tell the difference between left and right; in which case, they shouldn't be crusin' the web in the first place.

    The owner of ToysRGus states that ToysRus is claiming ownership of anything with ___US.COM and that's not correct. ToyRus is claiming its trademark covers anything using ___RUS and if it goes to court they will win.

    Already pointed out, but Gus' domain ends in _RGUS, not __RUS. This point is moot.

    In a nutshell, TRU has no legal leg to stand on and are using scare tactics that won't work.
  • No, it's up--I just got to must have had a netburp or something.
  • Anyone who studies Russian knows that it's
    "Toys Ya Us"!
  • So then, why is still online? (Note: That's a digit one between the m and c, not an i...)

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