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The Gimp

Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis, and the Gimp 14

Stig Hackvän apparently really wanted this story since he emailed it to me twice, and he also submitted it the right way. Anyway, he submitted a nice interview with S&P on LinuxWorld if you're interested in reading it.
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Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis, and the Gimp

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  • Anonymous Coward wrote:

    I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'll bet he can spell...he just can't type worth a crap! Man, if only he didn't have to spend all that time fixing typos in his code, we'd probably have E 0.20 out by now... ;-)

    This thread seemed to come out of the blue? Where was anyone ragging on Rasterman here?

    My experience, it really is his typing, not his spelling. Anything he takes the time to edit and proofread comes out very clear and readable. When he types it looks like his brain goes faster than his fingers, and they have to struggle to keep up. He gets lots of misplaced spaces and missing letters, far from the sign of a bad speller.

    He also seems to avoid proofreading many things, if he sends a basic email, his attitude seems to be that he has better things to do with his time than make sure it is perfectly spelled. From what he does do with his time, I tend to agree.
  • I cannot understand how the interviewer managed to conclude that GIMP development raises questions over the viability of free software development, when, in the interview, Kimble and Mattias were so hugely complimentary towards the job later GIMP and GTK developers have done. Am I missing something?

    Of course, if I were cynical, I might wonder if sweeping and dramatic claims about problems with free software might be aimed at selling more of the interviewer's book.
  • he emailed it to me twice, and he also submitted it the right way

    So that's how to get a story posted!

  • What I really miss (or didn't find yet ;)) is resolution adjustments...
    Everything I create is in 72/75 dpi or something.
    For example, creating a button for a webpage forces you to play with low resolution images :/ and makes your antialiasing of text look bad.

    But gimp rulez anyhow :)


  • Sure, I could just go to LinuxWorld and look for said interview, but the link should've been included in the article in the first place...
  • Another difference is that you can only rotate images in multiples of 90 degrees (at least in 0.99 it was so). I grew used to PhotoStyler's rotation options, where you could rotate the image interactively, enter the rotation amount, or level horizontally or vertically. Hey, even XV allows you to rotate the image freely!
  • Gimp includes all photoshop functionality except color management and CMYK.

  • Obviously William S B has never used the Gimp. The Gimp and Photoshop are obviously closely related programs, while Paintbrush is obviously a far less capable program, to anyone with experience or knowledge of the three.

  • Gimp DOES do layers .. mebbe you oughta try using it!

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