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Project aMozilla 28

An Anonymous Coward writes "The aMozilla Project has been established with the sole aim of porting Netscape 5 Communicator to the Amiga Platform. Two versions will be made, a 68k port and a PowerPC port. You can find more information here. "
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Project aMozilla

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  • Why stop with the Amiga, let's support all the Commodore machines, right back to the KIM-1 :-).

    But seriously, I keep hearing rumours that Gateway is the heir to the Amiga intellectual property, and they plan to put out both new machines, and a new version of the AmigaOS. Is there any concrete news (release dates, beta tests)?
  • Posted by nOMAAM:

    port this, port that ... all i keep hearing is that amiga needs to port more and more pc/mac etc.
    programs ... well .. maybe they do but !
    I have a peecee and I run winblows on it and I would like to see some amiga programs beeing ported to the pc ... for example ... the tcp/ip stack miami would be nice to run on a pc.
    The file manager dOPUS and IRC proggy AmIRC.. etc. etc.

    And please don't reply to this with "get UAE or Amiga forever" (Amiga emulators) because they all can't keep up with a Amiga500 ... i know ... i tried

    nOMAAM :)
  • What about an Apple IIe port?


  • How many Amiga users are there? How many Be users? The 10 or 20 Amiga users wouldn't have made a difference with 100,000,000 Windows users.
    Hyperbole isn't always cool. I'd imagine that 10 or 20 of us have responded to this one thread.

    Besides, I thought the 'net was supposed to encourage free expression and thought. I didn't realize I'd have to conform to the lowest common denominator to have a voice.
  • ... and make it run in 512 Kb RAM... :-D
  • Right On!
    Im really happy to actually see support for amigaos (i run a cnet amiga [] bbs)

    does anyone know if gateway is going to do anything with the amiga [] platform? everyone i know has pretty much given up waiting... but i would still like to see something new come out... nothing quite beats a complete amiga setup with the newest version of Directory Opus - MagellanII [].....

  • There are quite a few differences between the 1000 and the 4000 actually...

    the 4000 has a 32 bit bus, the 1000 only had a 16bit bus...
    heck, the 1000 didnt even have standard zorro slots (had 1 zorroII slot, but wasnt a standard slot)....

    the 4000 itself is actually quite a nice machine... has a Zorro III bus and uses standard 72 pin simms... (which was nice after all the proprietary crap that was associated with the GVP 2000 accelerators) (disclaimer: GVP stuff is still nice, just was a pain to upgrade ram on them)

    remember, back when it was out, it was years ahead of the competition... of course, it couldnt compete today, but with a COMPLETE redesign, the Amiga name could be used again ;)
  • Oh, well in that case it only took them 7 years, not "a decade". PC users can all breath a sigh of relief now.
  • Yes, I'm an Amigoid? Amigan? Bah. Amiga user. Gateway certainly does have the rights to the Amiga technology, but questions float around constantly as to excatly what they're planning on doing with their acquisition. AmigaOS 3.5 is scheduled for release very soon, but it's basically 3.1 with some of the nifty shareware apps and commoddities integrated into the OS itself to ensure some measure of standardization and integratability (ie: won't have apps written by two different authours smashing into each other). OS4.0, or OS5dev, is being made to run on a Intel based developer box with custom Amiga architechure added on as a card. That's to act as a developer bridge system while the boys at Amiga Inc. argue over what their new box is going to look like. That's when OS5.0 proper should make its appearance. There are lots of sites if you're really interested in doing some digging. My faves include: The Amiga Web Directory Amiga International National Amiga PPCRulez Linux/APUS You get the idea. :^)
  • I am amazed that Amiga is still around. This thing was designed in what , 1984-85 ??? What's more if you look at A 1000 and A 4000 there is not that much difference between those two ( well, there is but not as much as say, between first PC clones and latest pentium .)
  • Yeah, I have seen A600 multitask. I owned one.
    Gave it away about 2 years ago ...
  • Firstly, Amiga/Gateway have not announced what harware the new Amiga
    will be based on - only that the new OS will be by QNX who provide
    their Os for use in the NASA space shuttle among other majar
    companies. It is used because it is a small, compact, romable stable
    OS core based on posix/unix. It is available for download at their
    website for numerous platforms. It is quite small unlike MS windoze

    Secondly Amiga/Gateway have said that they do not intend to
    manufacture any hardware and simply intend to licence the various
    Amiga technologies - as they do with the current "Amiga Classic"

    Thirdly, Gateway has it's "Digital Convergance" strategy whereby it
    aims to integrate Amiga Technologies transparently into consumer goods
    as tv/computers/video/cable/satellite/DVD/internet/te lecoms ect ect
    all merge - perhaps eventually into one box.

    Amiga inc should have their development box out any day now which uses
    intel PC and probably PC version of QNX neutrino OS

    By the way this has been written on an A1200 tower dual 25mhz 040,
    240mhz PPC,BlizzardVision Permedia2 graphics card, 128Mb Ram, prelude
    sound card, 32*CD-ROM, 8GB HD, 17" monitor
    I also have a P200 so I can bring home my work, but thats the only
    time I ever use it - I can not believe how bloated windoze'98 is. I
    have used Acorn Archimedes, Amigas , Atari's, Apples, Linux, NetBSD
    and windows is simply overbloated crap.

    I can only hope that the new Amiga and OS will be licenced freely and
    openly. Since the new(and old) OS are closely releated to unix,
    hopefully they will be free source

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