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It's funny.  Laugh.

Collection of Fun Video Clips 68

Lost in Space writes "This is one of the best repositories for funny avi's and .mov's ever. Period. Found it while looking for the Clerks parody and haven't looked back since. Includes: Godzilla vs. Disco lando, The Exploding Whale, An animated short called "Tripping the Rift" which is possibly the single funniest animation I have ever seen. Enjoy!" If you got the bandwidth, check it out. I forgot about the Whale. I cried the first time I saw that, it's so funny.
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Collection of Fun Video Clips

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  • Either that or suffer the fate of having to live with putrified whale flesh for however long it takes a many-ton'ed animal like that to decay...

    Think about it.
  • That site has some cool movies on it. Pity we slashdotted it out of existance for today. ;-/
    Anyway you can get a couple of the movies from here [] (just the troops one which is the best) or here [] which has a couple of them.
  • Posted by antivert:

    HELP! linked to me, and while I'm ecstatic about that, it's dragging my FTP server to it's knees. If you are an angel and can provide mirroring of some of these files -- that is, download a few of these to your own websites and send me the link. I would be greately indebted to you.

    You can still download some of the movies though.. only two of them are on his server. ;)
  • Posted by craig55:

    All of these videos were hosting on my site, but after 1:30 or so, I got hit by the storm that is Out of desperation, I linked to other people's movies on the web and temporarily took down a few files until I can leverage more bandwidth. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A MIRROR - contact Thanks. -Craig Mitchell
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by antivert:

    "HELP! Slashdot linked to me" would make a great sig. ;)
  • Posted by craig55:

    Advertising? Why yes, good thing I already has that in place. My website, which features a bunch of my writing, gets a lot of hits as it is. The movies page was getting 500 - 1000 hits a day. Now that slashdot linked, I'm getting 2000+ hits an hour! Good thing I'm using Link Exchange... and good thing all these wonderful people are offering to be mirrors. - Craig
  • Posted by craig55:

    Read This Amazing News! So linked to me today at 1:30 PM CST, and it drug my FTP Server at work that was hosting all of the movies to its knees. And traffic on my actual site went through the roof. When I got a call from the company that hosts my website at 10 PM, I thought I was in big, big trouble.

    Nope. They weren't angry. They were happy. "We think it's great!" they said. "Bring 'em on! Let slashdot do their best, we'll host your movies! Start uploading them to us ASAP!" Can you believe it? These people are wonderful -

    Also, thanks to all of the people who presented me with mirrors for some of the files. All of you trying to download the files should have it a little easier now.

    -Craig Mitchell

    PS: I have a novella in progress, funny short stories, essays and more off of the main page on Myboot. Read a few if you get a chance .
  • Use MpegTV for playing MPEG videos -- it comes with a program "mtvp" that doesn't cutoff after 30 seconds (like the graphical program it comes with, "mtv"). Throw in "-z" to double the screensize. It also has sound, and works a billion times better for MPEG videos than xanim.

    To get MpegTV, head over to [].
  • I have 18.5 megs of it on a server behind a T1, and I'm willing to let the /. effect on it if I can just get the rest of the movie. Email me [mailto] please if I can get the other 1.5 megs from you.
  • Okay, one request first: anyone not using a 64K ISDN or faster connection, stay off this site until we let some people with real bandwidth get the files mirrored. And if you do have a fast connection, please offer yourself as a mirror. More mirrors == less strain on the servers.

    And now the drumroll: go see my collection of movies (I have most of the ones from the site, but not the South Park one) at: []

    It's a 50-connections max site, so please remember the ground rules before you contribute to the /. effect.
  • Never ever let a wild cat near that area of the body. You can be sure that guy keeps his legs together when handling animals nowadays.
  • Don't tell me you people have /.'ed already! 900bytes/sec isn't that good even for my 56k.
  • Why does everybody (well, ok, not everybody...just the tree-huggers) think that this is so inhumane?

    1) whale was dead (many people have said this already)
    2) no convenient way of getting rid of it
    3) blowing up anything is funny, especially if it's organic matter weighing more than a Volvo.

    It's no different than blowing up a steak from the supermarket.

  • Slashdot should have a group of people willing to mirror pages that gets an early jump on sites like this. Then we can ask sites that may be strained by this if they would like to have a temporary mirror before linking them from slashdot. I don't know if this would really help the new kernel postings. In any case, I hope we ask before slashdoting small sites with big files like this.

    Just a thought,
  • Hey you've gotta nice site! I hate to see your ISP bill......
  • your an idiot, laugh once in a while you jerkoff
  • I just discovered the writing, but it took me
    three hours to get back to life. Great stuff.
  • it's still disrespectful to animals.

    Since when did a dead, bloated, half-rotten whale corpse earn anything resembling respect? You can respect it if you want to, but the rest of humanity will certainly avoid it at all costs.

    Machine-gunning a box full of live squirrels, now, -that's- disrespect. Blowing up a dead whale corpse is just idiotic.

    Now, here's the point again, since you obviously missed it the first time around: the funny part is the property damage the so-called 'experts' caused by their stupidity. That and 3 tons of whale meat flung into the air.. =)
  • That analogy doesnt work mainly because you can put a dolphin in a pickup truck and haul it somewhere else, or put it on a boat and dump it out offshore, or just bury it somewhere. They're smaller, you see. Smaller than a multi-ton whale the size of a school bus.

    But if you did put a stick of dynamite in a dead dolphin, chances are good you wouldn't have to worry about your car getting crushed by the debris, so no, it wouldn't be funny for that reason. Cute has nothing to do with it.

    And don't confuse blowing up live animals with blowing up dead ones. The whale was dead. It was a hunk of inanimate meat. Not alive. Perhaps we should have a therapy session with its next of kin? Would that be respectful? Would we then be compassionate? Why are you so hyped up about a freakin already-dead whale? If you want to spend your compassion on something worthwhile, go to a VA hospital, and see if you can get a description of a mortar shell or land mine scoring a direct hit on a human being. Then make friends with the guys that saw it happen. That would be worthwhile. Flapping around about a dead whale isn't.
  • Somehow, I just have to think that Pinky the Cat didn't get adopted. Poor Pinky.
  • People don't laugh at funerals because people are idiots. *grin* Seriously, funerals are far too "depressed" for my taste.

    When I drop I expect people to celebrate either my passing on to something better (assuming there *is* anything after death :) or at least celebrate my escape from this world filled with humourless retards.

    There *has* to be humour in the world. It is possible to find humour in anything. It does not make somebody a "bad person" to find something humourous in everything that happens.

    Life constantly tries to teach us things. Instead of learning, we solve our problems by suing anyone who does even the slightest thing wrong, making silly, silly laws (one can't sell sex but can freely give it away? Huh?), and call each other names for finding humour in something that others do not.

    I found it quite humourous. People acting stupid. An animal getting busted by natural selection. What more could one ask for? >:P

  • Good lord, that has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thank god there's more on the way!
  • Gee, I wonder why? :*)

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    Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0
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    Connection closed by foreign host.

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  • xanim does mov's? Maybe one out of a dozen, in my experience. Not a single one of these though.
  • >it isn't the exploding of the whale that is funny

    Well.... c'mon. that's pretty funny too.


  • Holy geez, that was funny the first time I saw it...and the second and the third..

    My good friend Justin downloaded that at the computer shop where we worked. We must have watched it about five times after we closed. I almost pissed myself laughing that hard. I used to have it on my hard drive, but I can't find it now. I DO have the South Park pilot episode (both the released and the never-aired versions) on my computer. I can't begin to tell you how funny those are.

    All hail the highway department!
  • I downloaded and watched the Soesman Language Institute movie and i couldn't stop laughing, it was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard I was crying.
  • It's tasteless Steve Bakerish humor. He was going on and on about it last year. Now I think he's onto "Winnie the Pooh Worships Satan". Check out his page, especially the .au files in:

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