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Splinter Cell's Multiplayer Map Design 24

simoniker writes "Splinter Cell: Double Agent lead multiplayer level designer Pascal Luban has up an article at Gamasutra examining how to design a long-lasting multiplayer game level. He explains the top three attributes he bears in mind: 'Durability. A map should withstand thousands of game sessions without letting players feel bored. It must provide continuous tactical challenges... Accessibility. Navigation in a map should be clear. Remember that complex map design is one of the main difficulties a new player is confronted with... Entertainment. This need is obvious, but its rules are difficult to define.' But what are the best multiplayer game maps ever created, and why?" I'm not sure about 'all time', but we talked about some really good ones last Friday.
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Splinter Cell's Multiplayer Map Design

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  • halo (Score:2, Interesting)

    by thejrwr ( 1024073 )
    this is why halo -online is so, well good. the maps are not boaring at all, there are always spots that no one has ever tried, a good map is the key! (This is just my view tho)
  • This is mostly on topic, but not about multiplayer. I've been playing Double Agent for the last few days (on the Xbox) and I must say that I'm enjoying it immensely. I'd strongly suggest to anyone that enjoyed the first few games rent it and give it a try. Even many of those who have never played the franchise will probably find it a great change in pace. The best part is that Ubisoft hasn't tried to reinvent the controls for each game. If you played any of the previous three, you can pick this up and star
    • by Velocir ( 851555 )
      Most of us melée through Heroic over here. I'll admit there's not much sneaking in the dark though...
  • ...In GoldenEye. I loved planting proximity mines just around the corner and then BOOM! Couldn't see it coming.
  • Accessibility (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Thansal ( 999464 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @04:24PM (#16774257)
    Accessibility. Navigation in a map should be clear.

    I actualy think they only got it half right on this one. The basic routes should be clear and easy to get around, however there should be LOTS of strange ways to get around, and these should be hard to find/navigate. This holds especialy true for stealth based games like SC (I have only played the Pandora Tomorow multiplayer, nothing else). lots of different enterances/exits and ways to get to/from said points. Sniping locations, ambush spots, etc etc, the more of these things there are the better.

    For the not stealth games you still need to have lots of routes to/from key locations, and lots of interesting locations. Be it a large desert type map (BF sieries) that has ravines/hills/rocks to hide in/take cover behind/etc, or a indoor wwarehouse with multiple enterances/exits and places to take cover.

    Variety is they key to making a GOOD map.

    Then again, de_dust proves me wrong. 2 paths, one of them sorta splits, with 2 bomb locations. Why dust has managed to stay as one of the most popular CS maps I have no clue. (admitedly I don't know why CS has managed to stay so popular...)
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Firefly1 ( 251590 )

      Then again, de_dust proves me wrong. 2 paths, one of them sorta splits, with 2 bomb locations. Why dust has managed to stay as one of the most popular CS maps I have no clue. (admitedly I don't know why CS has managed to stay so popular...)

      According to a colleague of mine, de_dust has managed this precisely because of its simplicity. But then, he also opines that CS itself remains popular because it's very forgiving of run-and-gun, kick-in-the-front-door gameplay... you know, the sort of thing which in a

    • Recently, de_dust2 has been amazingly popular. At times, it's actually very difficult to find a server that is not running it 24/7. Why people are so obsessed with that map is a mystery to me.

      Well, it was the same with Teamfortress. Everyone always wanted the same old shit, even when people could vote for many different maps. Those stupid fucks, instead of going to a 24/7 server, went to vote servers and voted for bases, 2fort5 or well6 so nobody could play anything interesting or different.
  • It was good enough to be inspiration for an insanely popular machinima series, and overall, an extremely simple map that never gets old.

    And the Militia map on Counter-Strike was pure gold to me.

  • Level 1-1. Can't beat it. And I'm horrified to see that Doom wasn't even mentioned until now. Young'ins sheesh.
  • by modemboy ( 233342 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2006 @06:51PM (#16777009)
    When oh when will some games start coming out with random object placement on MP maps. I want a level where the box that you can hide behind isn't in the same place every time, where the blown up car is on the other side of the street. Maps are too static and it leads to people camping in 1 or 2 good ambush spots every round. Switch up the objects and all of a sudden attacks aren't coming from the same place every time. It is simple and effective, I don't know why it isn't used more...
  • by modecx ( 130548 )
    In the version of Counter-Strike I used to play, you didn't get unlimited ammunition or grenades, so that tactic wouldn't have lasted long/been very effective. I didn't realise Valve had changed the game so much.

    It's called, "the whole team combined has lots of grenades and bullets", and "cooperating very loosely to accomplish an objective in the cheapest way possible."

    Besides, when you shoot, that lets people know where you are.

    They already know where you are, due to the fact that most CS maps allow one or
  • by l0cust ( 992700 )
    LOL someone give this guy mod points.

    On a more serious note, I don't think random items/powerups placement is a good idea for MP maps. They may work in a single player campaign in the sense that the game will have more replayable value but MP maps are about strategies as much as the 'twitching reaction' time - specially true in case of FPS games. That is the whole point why there are different strategies for different maps because they have different types of items available at different places. If you r
  • by Thansal ( 999464 )
    yah, I noticed the shift to dust2, and it is a slightly better map (you do have a decent amount of options, and it is not as flat), however, just about any map will get boring after a while.

    I admit, I used to play on a 24/7 server for TFC, but that was hunted, and you will be hard pressed to find hunted even in a rotation outside of a 24/7 server (and I do love hunted style game modes)

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