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David Jaffe on the Artist's Way 23

On the Newsweek site, 'Artist's Way' columnist N'Gai Croal interviews David Jaffe about God of War, his upcoming PS3 title, and ... why he does what he does. From the article: "Q: Can the fans draft you back into the director's chair on God of War or Twisted Metal, the way they have with Hideo Kojima on the Metal Gear series? A: No. Unless they want to draft me by paying me a lot of money. But, no. I don't work that way. Right now, I'm comfortable enough that I can say something as arrogant as that. One day, I may have no choice. Phil [Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios] is a really big believer in this service. It's not just a place to put shovelware. It's our version of HBO original programming. Not everything is suited to a 50-megabyte Blu-Ray disc. It doesn't mean those games don't deserve a platform. This is probably the first time since the arcade days that games of this type have had a viable home. So far, Sony seems really supportive of me staying in this space."
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David Jaffe on the Artist's Way

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  • HOLY SHIT! Blu-Ray discs are only going to be 50 megabytes large?
  • Is if Blu Ray format takes off, I can play Spyro and MGS1 for free/dirt cheap prices, and it by the will of allah drops to under $400 by the time I get out of the army in 2-4 years.
  • I can't see games with 50 gigs of content being viable. Someone has to be paid for producing that content which obviously has to be pushed onto the consumer.
  • Frak him (Score:3, Insightful)

    by JFMulder ( 59706 ) on Saturday October 28, 2006 @11:19AM (#16622292)
    I'm tired of hearing about this guy. Seriously. His claim to fame is one game that is incredibly violent and has some of the most inane jump puzzles these days. I have to admit the fighting is decent, but for me it doesn't even touch Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I can't wait for the PS3 owners to get their hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma and play a good hack-and-slash game.

    Why is everybody quoting this guy? He made ONE good game and now he's some sort of expert??? I've stop reading articles about him the day I realized he was just being arrogant. Marc Rein of Epic is also falling in that category, tough he at least has severals hits (even though they're all called Unreal) and regardless of the controversy around some of his statements, he does make a valid point every now and then.

    As for Jaffe, he mostly trash talks the competition and thinks he's some sort of god. I'm reading more about his guy than Miyamoto or Sakaguchi. What the ...?
    • Why is everybody quoting this guy? He made ONE good game and now he's some sort of expert???

      Bingo. Sony is marketing this choad as some kind of gaming rockstar, because they don't have anybody of any real stature. They don't have a Miyamoto; they don't have a Cliffy B; they don't even have a Major Nelson. The closest they came was with the guy who first did Crash Bandicoot years back... or maybe the artist behind PaRappa... but since no "real gamer" is going to respect a dude who did a mascot game, they n

      • by JFMulder ( 59706 )
        Couldn't they have picked Hideo Kojima in that case? I mean, he is a respectable developer and I'm sure he has a lot of insightful comments on the industry. Or they could have picked Hironobu Sakaguchi when he was making games for Square-Enix.

        I can't wait to see Jaffe's first game for the PS3 online store. We'll see then and he is *that* good.
      • by Knos ( 30446 )
        But they do have Fumito Ueda.
    • by imitier ( 674794 )
      While God of War is his recent high profile game, for some of us, Jaffe is noteworthy for having created the Twisted Metal series, of which TM2 was one of the best games for the PS1, and Twisted Metal Black was one of the first great games for the PS2.

      But since he seems to have turned his back on the series, yeah -- frak him.
  • I knew the Goa'uld had fled to earth, but I thought the Jaffa were working on making their own government!
  • Jaffe seems to be slipping farther and farther away from sanity. I think the accolades he received from God of War have gone to his head. I'll always respect him for giving me the (good games in) the Twisted Metal series, but it is time the public stopped listening to him. His peers already did (which is why he went from developing God of War 2 to a string of abandonware PSP title).

    The game he's currently developing looks rather unspired. He's going back to his car combat roots, but as Rogue Trip and

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