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Verified: Record-breaking Pitfall! Run 236

Daniel Vignes writes ""Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Jungle!" A perfect Pitfall! run with 1:28 left in time, perfect score and no deaths has just been verified by the authority on classic gaming, Twin Galaxies."
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Verified: Record-breaking Pitfall! Run

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  • by llamalicious ( 448215 ) on Thursday June 08, 2006 @12:35PM (#15495370) Journal
    Well, at least we've nailed the "... FOR NERDS. ..." part of the slogan.
  • Re:Staying Power (Score:4, Informative)

    by deficite ( 977718 ) <> on Thursday June 08, 2006 @01:10PM (#15495668)
    I doubt people will play many of the late 90's and 2000's games because their graphics are so horrible it's distracting. 2D games are still playable because the only people that were responsible for a game looking good were the artists. Nowadays the artists, programmers, animators, hardware, API's, etc. etc. etc. have to be just perfect for a decent experience. Plus the studios didn't have to spend so mnuch because the only people responsible for art were artists and you didn't need as many programmers because you don't have to wrestle with 3D. Thus, the game designers had a lot more responsibility in making a game sell. Gameplay is what makes a game last. Notice how quickly people lost interest in Doom III? I'm sure the extremely limited multiplayer on DIII also had an influence in that as well :(.

    Take Super Mario World. That game was perfect. I still play it today with an emulator, and I can see my cartridge for it from my chair. It came with my Super Nintendo and I've been playing it since my early days (I don't remember when we got our SNES, but I was less than 5 back then).

    Now today's games, as in the generation of Wii, PS3, and XBox360, I think that Wii games have a chance of being as good as the SNES games. The last Nintendo console I bought was a SNES and the mere fact that I'm considering on buying a console again, is a good sign. The games Nintendo plans to release on Wii seem like they have that same magic that SNES games had. As well as you can play SNES games on it as well. Nintendo said that all the virtual console games will be under $10 and IIRC, some will only be like $4.
  • by SamSim ( 630795 ) on Thursday June 08, 2006 @02:00PM (#15496052) Homepage Journal
    the authority on classic gaming, Twin Galaxies.

    TG is a poor excuse for a videogame scorekeeping authority. Their proof demands are unreasonable, their rankings pages are horrifyingly badly constructed and their response times are appalling. I "won" a $100 bounty from TG in 2005 which was supposed to be awarded on January 30th of this year and am still waiting to receive it, and I believe many other people are in the same boat. (It was the Zelda 64 one, anybody who's interested - I beat the whole game with 100 Skulltulas and the Mask of Truth in under 7 hours.) I would advise against anybody going for any TG bounties offered in the future. I suspect the TG team just uses it as a free supply of videotapes.

  • Re:Old Video Games (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 08, 2006 @02:03PM (#15496077)
    For a reward you could take a picture of your tv and send the photo into Activision. They would then send you a patch. I think Daniel should push for his.
  • Re:Staying Power (Score:5, Informative)

    by pthisis ( 27352 ) on Thursday June 08, 2006 @03:00PM (#15496634) Homepage Journal
    For those interested in retrogaming, there is currently a month-long nethack tournament going on on (but the biggest tournament is the one devnull runs every November).

    The current leaderboard is at [] and has links to tournament info (anyone can play!)
  • Re:Pitfall is HARD (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 08, 2006 @03:59PM (#15497170)
    Pitfall on the 2600 used a digital joystick. If you played with an analog stick you played the 5200 version.

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