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Stream MythTV to Your Cell Phone 105

lerhaupt writes "I've setup a howto for streaming your MythTV recordings to your 3G cell phone. In involves getting your myth box to convert recordings to 3gp format and then setting up Apple's Darwin Streaming Server to handle streaming the videos from a webpage it sets up. "
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Stream MythTV to Your Cell Phone

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  • by joe 155 ( 937621 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2006 @09:35AM (#15350214) Journal
    ...and was far from impressed with how it ended up, I might see (after the slashdotting) what this is on about to see if the quality could be improved at all from what I got in the end. The best way to get tv on your phone is to put an avi on your sd card and then use a media player there to watch it (you could reduce the quality somewhat to compensate for the smaller screen)... where you get the avi from... "legal" channels
  • vlc (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Lussarn ( 105276 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2006 @10:07AM (#15350449)
    I use vlc to stream TV to my work. Seems to be very similiar to this but possibly easier to set up.
    Beyond my GUI this is basicaly what I do. I use http but I think vlc can do rtsp if needed.

    At home:
    vlc -I http /mnt/big1/incoming/now.mpg --sout '#transcode{deinterlace,vcodec=mp4v,acodec=vorbis, vb=300,ab=80,width=320,height=240,fps=12}:standard {access=http,mux=ogg,url=}' &/dev/null &

    At work:
    vlc []
  • by OlivierB ( 709839 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2006 @10:13AM (#15350490)
    While we may get all the new shiny phones here in Europe, 3G and other data plans are priced so high that nobody uses them (as opposed to the US where you typically get unlimited bandwith).

    FYI, I am with Orange in the UK where I am charged £4 for 4MB per month (that's about a Slashdot page per DAY!).

    I went to the Netherlands for week-end and unfortunately needed to lookup a few things on my PDA while over there, I totalled £60 for almost 5MB (that's USD 100 for you guys).

    So I won't be streaming 24 and al from no mythbox to my cellphone.

    T-Mobile launched web-n-walk which they sell as unlimited usage for £30 except you can't use it for P2P (duh), but excludes as well any IM (!!) or VOIP usage.

    I hope data-plans are next (after roaming charges) on the EU's commission list of but-rape things to fix.
  • Re:vlc (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday May 17, 2006 @11:01AM (#15350919)
    And how do you choose a different stream to playback? By restarting vlc through ssh? the web interface (even the pockety one) of vlc does not allow easy selection of streaming title.
  • by kormoc ( 122955 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2006 @01:59PM (#15352497)
    Currently Xris (mythweb author), myself, and a few others have been working on adding a flash player (think google video/youtube) to mythweb, so you'd be able to watch live tv/pre recorded stuff directly from your mythweb install. There's a few issues to work out, but it is on it's way in.

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