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Interviewing the Gamemakers (Day 1) 10

All this week, Next Generation is interviewing some of the folks behind the industry's big players. In collaboration with Edge Magazine, they have Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the future of the gaming industry. From that article: "I think that by the end of the last year, DS was selling very well to all kinds of people - ladies in their 20s, people in their 50s - and for many of them the DS was the very first games console they had ever purchased in their lives. And actually, many people in the industry and in Nintendo thought that maybe these newcomers to the gaming world would be only interested in the games like Brain Training, that maybe they would not be purchasing any more games afterwards. However, the fact of the matter is that they are now buying a lot of the so-called traditional games, including Super Mario 64, so that was a big surprise for us." Additional interviewees below if you Read More.
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Interviewing the Gamemakers (Day 1)

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  • I'm encouraged by the fact that Nintendo seems to be going about this the right way: getting people genuinley interested in video games by introducing them to the titles that have broad appeal and are easy to play. Gradually, these people become aware that, "hey, there are more games out there that look fun that AREN'T about puppies or Sudoku. I'll give them a whirl!"

    So Nintendo's not trying to force gaming upon the world, but is instead showing people that, surprise surprise, games are fun, opening the doo
  • How many of the peripherals shown at E3 (remote/nunchuck, classic, lightgun, etc.) will be in the box when Wii ships???
  • What a classy guy (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Captain Splendid ( 673276 ) <> on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @05:35PM (#15304317) Homepage Journal
    What with the hype and the fanboys running on overdrive lately, it's nice to see somebody in the industry giving props to competitors, not to mention being a spokesman for the videogame industry who takes the first word in that term more seriously than the latter. Classy guy.
  • Back in the Genesis/SNES days, the cover of EGM would praise the amazing "Mode 7 Graphics" of the newest game. And yes, graphics were important back then. Look at atn Atari game like "Adventure." I simply never enjoyed those horrible games where you moves 1 of 4 directions and pressed 1 button (I was born in 1979, so I also sorta missed the whole Atari craze anyway). If you look at some of the best games now, it's innovation that's leading the way. Graphics are great, and sweet 1080 HD graphics are ama

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