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Sandbox, an ACM Videogame Symposium 18

drew writes "ACM is hosting a two-day videogame symposium on July 29-30 in 2006, co-located with SIGGRAPH 06 in Boston, MA, USA. The symposium will consist of keynotes, panels and papers. In addition, a 'Hot Games' session will preview unreleased titles from major game companies and indie developers."
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Sandbox, an ACM Videogame Symposium

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  • by Travoltus ( 110240 ) on Saturday March 11, 2006 @02:14PM (#14898816) Journal
    I hope they're relevant.

    What is more popular:
    More flash (prettier graphics)?
    More story line?
    Is there a huge market for games that have big story lines but fewer cut scenes?
    How about nonlinear play?

    Will single player games (or 1-4 on the console) continue to thrive or is the future in MMORPG's?
    • Surely if the game is just to play in the sandbox, the graphics aren't going to be that important. Or the game box is just a few vouchers for discount Tonka trucks and plastic shovels, and if you're lucky an Admit One to the beach.
      • True, but imagine a MMORPG sandbox game. You and your best friend could melt your sister's barbies and blame each other for it when you get caught. An expansion pack could add a kiddie pool until the sequel, Sandbox 2: The Beach is out out of beta.
    • Only time will tell. But story line has always been around, ever since Marathon:Infinity. Also HL2 seems to answer number 4 in the affermative.
    • I hope they're relevant.

      Well the submisison is basically a cut-n-paste from the website. The about section says there will be a Hot Games' session will preview unreleased titles from major game companies and indie developers. (The website also says The program will be made available early June. So it's a litte early.)

      The question is: will there be booth babes? No really.

      So there is suttlebut about a huge show case of the 'latest and greatest' games with forthcoming release. The graphical theory and prac
  • ...who's signed up to give the talk on the "Duke Nukem Forever" approach to game development!
  • Judging from the picture on the site, they should have called it "Cinnamonbox".
  • You have to wonder how the indie scene is doing, with big-named publishers pushing re-hases of last year's hit title. Hopefully this symposium has proof that the indie developer isn't dead. You can get some really invovative titles from them, such as Darwinia [].

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