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Galactica's Moore Keynotes GDC Track 29

Gamasutra reports that Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald Moore will be keynoting the Vision track at this year's Game Developer Conference. From the article: "'Ronald Moore was presented with the challenge of reinventing a beloved story, which is a challenge often presented to producers of games,' said Jamil Moledina, director, Game Developers Conference. 'His example of creating one of the most brilliant and successful science fiction masterpieces in recent Hollywood history is a perfect inspirational case study to capture the imaginations of the game creation leaders who attend GDC.'"
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Galactica's Moore Keynotes GDC Track

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  • I think any Galactica fan should check [url=]this out[/url]. This is what I want a Battlestar Galactica game to stand up to. Nothing less.
  • staying faithful? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jafac ( 1449 ) on Tuesday February 07, 2006 @12:28AM (#14657337) Homepage
    I've noticed - and the effect is subtle, that over the past few newer episodes, they seem to be doing more and more "sound effects in space" as well as not putting so much effort into newtonian physics in the space combat scenes. In particular; where the one pilot's gun jams and explodes, and leaves a smoke trail as the ship comes in for a landing. The ship bobs up and down as if it's experiencing aerodynamic effects, rather than venting, and the smoke trails behind the ship as if it's in an atmosphere, instead of expanding outward, and following along with a not-accelerating vehicle.

    I'm frankly starting to get a bad feeling about this.
    • well star trek had sound in space!

      so do stargate battles!

      and star wars!

      looks like most sci-fi try to avoid this simple law of physics to make a show more

      i aint complaining :)
      • Re:staying faithful? (Score:3, Interesting)

        by jafac ( 1449 )
        well star trek had sound in space!

        so do stargate battles!

        and star wars!

        . . . which is why I prefer BSG. If BSG becomes just another Star Wars clone, what's the point?

        I don't pay a monthly cable/sat bill. I don't get any form of broadcast TV. I pick the shows I like, I either download them from iTMS, or I wait for the DVD (as is the case for BSG). I don't watch TV so that I can fill empty, bored hours that I would otherwise spend reading or doing home improvement projects. I watch TV shows that I like.
    • I'm really sick of hearing opinions about how sci-fi shows should explain everything that happens with rational real-world physics.

      It's called science fiction for a reason. The show is good without them explaining how their FDL jump drives works, or what a jump is, why they have gravity inside ships, or why there's sound in space. The show focuses on the story, and not on nitty gritty details of reality. That's what makes it good.
      • I'm tired of people saying that if something is fiction then there is no reason to make it believable.

        This isn't that complicated. Science fiction usually asks you to suspend disbelief about a few things - like the possibility of FTL travel or artificial gravity. But while you don't mind (in general) if a sci-fi show has artificial gravity it does get ridiculous when an otherwise true-to-science show (eg no sound in space, realistic physics, etc.) suddenly has damaged ships slow to a halt in a vacumm (ala
      • by tgd ( 2822 )
        Wow you totally missed his point.

        The point was, the show started off with a very specific style -- call it "dramatized realism" or something. Space scenes were nearly silent, drama came from that confined aural sensation, they focused on real-work physics that actually were significant (the ability to flip around backwards and shoot, etc).

        This season the drama has really cranked up, but they've noticably moved away from the sense of realism. Thats a slippery slope. Character development could be next, or an
    • Be logical for a moment re: sound in space.

      There really isn't sound in space. Yet while the camera is in space, you still hear the audio of the pilots speaking, right?

      And the pilots certainly can hear their own guns going off, right?

      So you are hearing things from inside the ships. Duh.

      • that's true, in a scene where you're in the pilot's POV or space.

        But the sound effects are getting less subtle, more "global" in scope (applying in scenes or situations where there's no feeling of being in the pilot's POV).

        I'm just saying it's a trend I'm noticing. And it's been very subtle, so far. I don't know if there's someone in the production-chain saying that it needs to be snazzed up a bit for the less-geeky crowd in order to attract a wider, lowbrow audience, and therefore more ad revenue, or wha
  • by Naikrovek ( 667 ) <jjohnson.psg@com> on Tuesday February 07, 2006 @02:24AM (#14657886)
    BSG is filmed in Toronto. Hardly Hollywood.
  • ... a BSG fan really wanted to meet Ron Moore so he hired him to speak at his conference. I mean, I really like Ron Moore's work and BSG is one of the best things on TV at the moment, but is he really the best person to keynote a games conference? I've never heard him discuss games before, so what makes him a good choice for this subject?
    • I've never heard him discuss games before, so what makes him a good choice for this subject?

      OK, we've come to accept that nobody ever R's TFA, but in the freakin' summary you can read ...

      Ronald Moore was presented with the challenge of reinventing a beloved story, which is a challenge often presented to producers of games

      You know, how to adapt/interpret a subject matter which has come before you, how to use the material, etc. Things that, hoperfully, a game producer would like to keep in mind as they make

      • Reimagining a TV show and designing a game are hardly comparable. Aside from the cheesy sci-fi plot many games have, the challenges of designing a good game are very unlike that of coming up with a new spin on a sci-fi show. Try thinking of a valid point in future before pulling out the tired old RTFA shit.
  • by TheSkepticalOptimist ( 898384 ) on Tuesday February 07, 2006 @10:34AM (#14659445)
    Watching BSG reminds me of playing Wing Commander back in the day (except with way better plots and acting). I always thought that the new BSG would be a brilliant platform for a new series of space shooters, a genre of games that have unfortunately fallen away to vapid 3rd person shooters and endless MMORPG's.

    Honestly, I think that having a game that allows you to freely explore BSG with plot driven sequences, run space missions, and then actually allow you to land on a planet or board another craft for a 3rd person shooter mission would revolutionize both of these genres.

    The problem is that most games based on a TV show or movie tend to be rushed, vapid, and simply a way for a marketing team to make a quick buck without much effort. I honestly think Chris Roberts should pair up with producers and creators of BSG, spend a few years, and create another great space shooter by utilizing the latest in graphics hardware and gaming technology.

    I simply miss dogfighting in space, there hasn't been a really good entry in this genre for over a decade. While people are starting to tire of tired sequels to Doom and Quake and even Half life and of course Star Wars themed games, offering a new twist on a lost genre may be a trend that will help sell more games, even if there are a bunch of copycat clones once a successful BSG themed space shooter game is released.

    Just, don't rush it out the door. If a BSG game is in the works, take the time to do it right and don't end up like the countless failed TV and movie franchise games that are rushed out the door weeks after (or even before) a movie is released.

    • It would be a difficult game to make because the plot of the show is so ... tight. There is no 'other ship' to have adventures on like in ST or a lot of down time for interacting with the enemy that isn't reported in the TV show.

      I suppose you could play as a new pilot recruit and be dropped into some of the battles she show has already had - plus maybe a simulator (though we've never seen the simulator on the show.)

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