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You Brought The Birds You're Evil! 21

Gamasutra has a highly amusing postmortem of a highly unusual game. Today on Gamasutra: The Making of 'Age of Ornithology'. From the article: "We were sitting around the conference table trying to come up with a unique concept for a real-time strategy game. Otto's (our lead programmer) new Porsche convertible was just outside the conference room window. Suddenly a small flock of birds flew over the parking area and, in unison, relieved themselves on his car. Otto was very angry... he had left the roof down. We laughed and laughed! Otto did not laugh - he kicked over the whiteboard and stormed out (he does this once or twice a week, it is no longer very shocking). Anyway, this got us thinking about birds, and their capacity for strategic attack and destruction. " I love tern-based strategy games.
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You Brought The Birds You're Evil!

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