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The Second Life Future Salons 6

Jerry23 writes "Next Thursday, April 28th, the Second Life Future Salon will begin holding free, monthly mini-conferences inside the digital world of Second Life. These Salons will feature invited presenters on topics exploring the future of technology, business, society, and digital worlds. The first Salon will take place in design team Bedazzle's China Town setting and feature Randal Moss from the American Cancer Society on an upcoming Relay for Life fundraising project in Second Life, and Jim Purbrick AKA Babbage Linden on his personal experience developing digital worlds as well as some emerging opportunities for paid jobs working in (not just on) digital worlds. The Salon is being started up by the Acceleration Studies Foundation, a futures research nonprofit."
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The Second Life Future Salons

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  • I got a buddy who turned second life into a wargame of sorts. I'm definetly going to have to tell him of this, he hasn't played it in a long time. They regularly ban him
  • "Why are we so lagged out considering there's only 12 of us here?"

    These gatherings are a great concept, but until Linden Labs solves it's performance problems, groups of more than 20 people just are not practical.

    • The Bedazzle [] design team who are hosting the first Salon on their sim asked us to cap the RSVPs at 50 (a pretty good number) so they can handle the load (note: there are still spaces open). Another group that's doing the audio server is using Skype to stream speeches from the three presenters into SL while attendees use chat and IM. He's worked out the kinks in streaming audio and doesn't foresee problems with an audience this size, though anything's possible, especially the first time. But hey, it's an adv
  • Do the chickens have large salons?

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