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No Java JRE on Pocket PC 25

Ben writes "I have an Open Letter to Sun at the PersonalJava forum (7th June) requesting Sun Micrososystems produce a free Java JRE for Microsoft Pocket PC - its over year and a half ago since they stopped work on one. If you're wondering why you should care its because Microsoft is the only competitor in that market and has no real competition. Java should flourish on mobile devices, why is Sun letting Microsoft get a foothold with .NET? If you are a Java developer for mobile devices please add a note of support to this open letter."
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No Java JRE on Pocket PC

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  • Why? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by anonymous cupboard ( 446159 ) on Monday June 09, 2003 @08:08AM (#6148772)
    Why was the RTE for PocketPC cancelled? Whilst sales of the PocketPC are hardly runaway, it still seems to be doing quite well as a platform.
  • Jeode (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Samus ( 1382 ) on Monday June 09, 2003 @08:30AM (#6148918) Journal
    I signed it specifically because Jeode on the PocketPC is nowhere near adequate. Its not a PocketPC native app. Rather it was designed for the old CE devices that were wider than tall and have window borders. An app I wrote for the Zaurus looks wretched on iPaqs. I wish this story would get on the main page but then it would probably be filled with Java is too slow posts and nothing really relavant to getting a good VM on PocketPC platforms. Sun will really miss out on an opportunity if .Net CF takes the lions share of easy PocketPC development.
    • Wonka on Zaurus (Score:3, Insightful)

      by SHEENmaster ( 581283 )
      I've had much better luck with it, and a pocket pc port is more likely than one of Java.

      Java and .NET aren't a very good idea on embedded platforms, even if I use them. It's much better to just recompile when dealing with limited conditions, such as the new Zauruses that only have 32mb of ram.
  • []

    It's a Virtualised OS in Windows/FreeBSD/Linux,plan9 and also runs native on x86, ARM & others

    Dennis Ritchie is one of it's fathers, what more could you ask for?

    Virtualising the OS means it's feels like the bare metal but's it's just a reflection map.

    It truly is "write once, run anywhere".

  • Check out IBM... (Score:5, Informative)

    by (H)elix1 ( 231155 ) <> on Monday June 09, 2003 @08:56AM (#6149122) Homepage Journal
    Well, it use to be free and work in wince⦠Looks like IBM continues the care and feeding of itâ(TM)s J2ME / IDE combo that works on something other than a cell phone. (now Websphere Studio Device Developer [], use to be VisualAge ME)
    The good news (and bad) is it is a full commercial offering, and I know there are other ones out there... Iâ(TM)m of the camp that Sun should produce reference JDKâ(TM)s rather than commercial / performance ones â" especially on the J2EE side. Way back when, I remember Sun seemed to be more worried about license revenue than shipping something compelling. Perhaps they did not want to compete with the partners⦠A functional SDK is nice, but not needed from them â" there are others.

    For me, I got seduced back into c/c++ when I dropped Familiar Linux [] on my pocket pc. Never went back.
  • While you're at it (Score:4, Informative)

    by Boglin ( 517490 ) on Monday June 09, 2003 @09:54AM (#6149607) Journal
    Could you see if you could get them to support Java on the Palm as well. For a while we had KVM, but then Sun abandonned it to replace it with Personal Java, which they have since abandonned. What we are left with is waba, which, while nice, is not really Java.
    • by rgraham ( 199829 )
      Something is happening on this front, look here []:

      The [IBM] J2ME runtime will be "developed and fine-tuned" for the Tungsten line, and will be backed up by a free SDK that will work with any J2ME development environment, though IBM will naturally by touting its WebSphere Studio Device Developer set, which it will be optimising for the creation of Palm-hosted Java apps.
    • MIDP for Palm is supported.

      It's not as versatile as PersonalJava (which is now called CDC/Personal Profile), but because it's put in a lot of mobiles (and more to come), it's interesting nevertheless.

      midp4palm [].
  • If you want Sun to continue work on it, you better try to come up with some reason they might want to. Remember, we're back to a real-world economy now, so businesses are looking for something that will have a return of some kind.
  • Superwaba (Score:2, Informative)

    by beru777 ( 324951 )
    What about Superwaba [] ? It's a JVM for palm and pocketpc....
  • HP Chai (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Check out HP's Chai VM... it's discontinued, but I believe it still supports 90% of Java on PocketPC.
    • Re:HP Chai (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Effugas ( 2378 )
      It's discontinued because it's insecure beyond all that is holy...FX brutalized it to create a whole new class of network attack (using printers against the rest of the network).

  • Probably too late (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 10, 2003 @05:16AM (#6159246)
    My last (bust) company backed Java on PocketPC, and as a result, the solutions were definately sub-standard. I mean sure, you could write a basic AWT client, (with various 'strange' interfaces) but nothing you would want to show a customer.

    Now my new (successful) company has us developing C# on PocketPC, and it is.. well.. after struggling so much with all the feature incomplete JVM's for PocketPC out there.. it is.. a dream :D

    Sure, I would prefer to be a Java developer, but Sun should be more serious about the 'write once, run anywhere' idea. This lack of support for a well established platform may well give many companies a reason to move to .Net if they want any serious work on mobile devices.

    A released JRE 1.2 would be nice, but with all the great features now available in Visual Studio 2003, I doubt it could make a serious comeback after so much neglect.
  • It doesn't seem that Sun has abandoned Java to mobile devices, however they had to be enticed to it... This article [] announces a colaboration between Sun and Intel to improve Java support and performance on X-Scale based devices (this includes some cell phones, PalmOS PDAs and Pocket PC PDAs). Now, if it only told you where to download the software up...
  • The thing is, with .Net you can do remote objects out of the box, on a PDA, similiar to RMI. How cool is that? - I can do forms in VB (which has one of the most productive gui builders ever) and talk via http/wireless/soap to remote objects running on a server. I can barely get this to work in Java on a desktop - I can't imagine ever getting it to work on a PDA. I wish I could re-approach the decisioin to use Java for the main components of this project. Sun, or more likely IBM needs to put some R&D $$$
  • .NET CF is winning (Score:2, Informative)

    by helix_r ( 134185 )

    My group has tried to use java (jeode) on an IPAQ. The performance was awful. Supposedly, NSIcom's creme is much better, but it STILL uses the old personaljava 1.2 spec (JDK 1.1.8 subset). We switched to .NET CF. Performance is good and we can use web services.

    SUN doesn't help matters by continuing to push a J2ME marketing blitz without a real and fast development effort behind it. All those dreamy J2ME whitepapers add up to little more than a small number of java apps on some cell phones (never actually s

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