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H2K2 Conference 84

2600's Macki writes in to remind me and everyone else that H2K2 is coming up shortly, with pre-registration closing on Friday. The conference will be July 12-14 in New York City, in the exciting yet inexpensive Hotel Pennsylvania. I could only make the HOPE 2000 conference for one day, but it was quite interesting and it looks like audio from most of the panels is available, or just check out the list of panels for 2002 to see if it looks intriguing to you. And if you read Slashdot, the answer to that is probably "yes".
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H2K2 Conference

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  • Don't you mean the hotel Shpennsylvania. I bet their will be plenty of Shmarijuana.

    Dave Barry. One of the only Pulitzer prize winners that deserved it ;)

  • hotel Pennsylvania (Score:4, Informative)

    by Triv ( 181010 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @01:18AM (#3776823) Journal
    great hotel. Two interesting points:

    You know the old song "Pennsylvania six-five-thousand?" It's about that hotel - I'm pretty sure their phone number's still 212-???-6500

    Secondly, there's an (admittedly tiny and expensive) electronics store in the lobby. Perfect for this sort of convention.

    Oh, and try the chocolate covered strawberries in the hotel restaurant. It's been awhile, but they were wonderful.


    • Almost (Score:3, Informative)

      by Triv ( 181010 )
      eh. close enough. It's 212 736 5000.

      • PEnnsylvania 6-5000

        The old format for phone numbers was a word, then five digits. You take the first two leters (PE) and type them out (those little letters over the numbers).

        P is on the 7 key, E is on the 3, hence:
        73 6 - 5000
    • by A. Brate ( 588407 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @02:11AM (#3777016) Homepage Journal
      As Triv said, the number for the Hotel Pennsylvania [] is 212 736 5000.

      Or PEnnsylvania-six-five-thousand.

      This is further explained at X is for Xchange [], which relates that the original setup was three-letter/four digit; that is, PENnsylvania-five-thousand.

      Glenn Miller (who got on a stamp []) finally found continuous success after years of struggle when he formed the Glenn Miller Orchestra to play at the Cafe Rouge [] [realaudio] in the Hotel Pennsylvania in 1938. I believe this year H2K2 will be using the Cafe Rouge space.

      The Glenn Miller song PEnnsylvania-6-5000 (in which the only lyrics were the band shouting "Pennsylvania Six Five-Oh-Oh-Oh"--the Brian Setzer orchestra later recorded the song with fuller lyrics) was one of his band's first major hits. He disbanded the orchestra in 1942 to form a band for the US Air Force troops for World War II. His plane was lost at sea on December 14, 1944.

      As The Telephone EXchange Name Project [] explains, both PEnnsylvania-6-5000 and the John O'Hara novel []/Liz Taylor movie [] BUtterfield 8 (which garnered her a Best Actress Oscar) are named after telephone exchanges. In Butterfield 8, Taylor plays a call girl reachable at that number (the movie poster [] is especially evocative).

      --Adam Brate

      • Okay, so I've never been to the Hotel Pennsylvania, nor even to NYC, but i was listening to/singing along with that song in the car on the way to work this morning - thanks for the info - I've always been a little curious about that one.
    • My favorite memory of the Hotel Pennsylvania is the elevator stopping at my co-worker's floor, the door opening, and me seeing the mirrors duct-taped to the walls. Gave me something look forward to on the rest of the slow elevator ride up to my floor. FYI: If you are looking for a MUCH nicer hotel in the same area, the New Yorker hotel right down the street has recently been bought by Ramada and redone. After 2 nights (don't ask me why we waited 2 whole nights... everything else was booked) at Hotel P., we switched hotels and practically kissed the floors of the New Yorker.
  • H2k was awesome. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by smcavoy ( 114157 )
    Between the phone call to AT&T, and finding out that The US sells 160 proof (80%) vodka, and consuming that for breakfast on sunday... I had a good time.
    Now if I can get my ass down to NYC, and scrap together the money for a room for a few nights. Half the experience was hanging out in the network room at 3-4am.... quite fun.
    • Yeah, the call to AT&T was good. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend in person, but I listened to the MP3 recording of the session (among others). The AT&T call had me ROFL, literally, at some points. :)

      I'm likewise trying to scrape together enough $$$ to go this year...

      - Jester

    • Real hackers usually dont go to places like that, I mean what real hacker wants everyone to know they are the hacker.

      I mean unless you are a retired hacker, then you might go there to try to get a job, but come on, any real hacker wont be there.
      • See, your average person would expect the same thing you do. However, the most elite hackers are quite aware that simply by showing up at a couple of 2600 meetings and attending a convention they get crossed off the 'Hackers To Worry About' list the MiB have been assembling for over a decade.

        Really, hackers are a lot like ninjas -- just in much worse physical shape and without the psychotic killing mentality and stealthy skills of your average masked 11th century Japanese assassin.

  • I think I'll wait until they have one at the Hotel California.
  • Deagles... (Score:4, Funny)

    by fluxrad ( 125130 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @01:24AM (#3776851) Homepage

    You can meet all the chicks you want...
    which you will neeverrr lay...

    We hackin' shit up in the Hotel Pennsylvania...

    Such a lovely place,
    But no clothing taste...

    There's many a room at the Hotel Pennsylvania...

    Bring your alibi,
    for porn and KY...
  • I'm I the only one who noticed that the page says 379 days untill h2k2...early registration is VERY VERY early!
    • Shouldn't that be h2k3, then? Yeesh, geeks and their 0-based indices.
    • I have posted a mirror of what I get from here...take a look on the 3rd line down 379 days.. My mirror of what I get @ []
      • Keep reading eventually I get to a point.
        Ya so just mark everything in my thread off topic...gotta stop posting stuff after a few beers and so late at nite, my system time is a year off. Unemployed IT worker has to roll back system clock untill he can scrape together enough cash to buy his software.
        The problem with this java script is it checks my system clock to see what the date should be. So what about all the security freaks out there that totally shut off java? What do you see? Or what good is coding a web site to create content based on untrustable source data?
  • H2K2 (Score:4, Interesting)

    by bellings ( 137948 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @01:29AM (#3776880)
    Since there isn't the normal quote marks and italics, I am assuming Micheal wrote this entire article, all by himself.

    Would it have been possible to tell us what H2K2 is somewhere in the body of the article? Could you at least have written something like "H2K2 is 2600 magazine's fourth 'Hackers On Planet Earth' conference."

    Adding even the most basic description wouldn't have been hard, and it would have saved the trouble of clicking the link and overloading 2600's poor server. 'Cuz, this ain't intriguing to me. And I'm not sure why I read slashdot.
    • Not explaining things (like journalists would) leads to more click-through revenue... they hope you'll click to read the articles in hopes of finding a reply:

      • H2K2
        H2K2 (Score: 4)
        "H2K2 is 2600 magazine's fourth 'Hackers On Planet Earth' conference."
        Moderation: +3 Informative, -1 Overrated, 4 total.

      Slashdot is an ad-server, not a journalistic pillar. When given a choice between being informative and being contrary, guess which they'll pick. Their refusal to follow standards such as the Associated Press Guide to Newswriting, the Chicago Elements of Style, or even Webster's Dictionary, is a big indication. Of course, if someone did suggest those books on this site, you'd probably find a B&N or Amazon affiliate click-through link.

  • I was hoping to visit H2K2 this year, just for fun, but the main thing holding me back is money. Yes, I know renting space/gear/bandwidth costs money, but couldn't they find some sort of sponsoring ? Considering that I'd have to drive about 7 hours to get there, then be stuck sleeping in a hotel for 2-3 nights at 100$/night, and the con organisers still want 50$ out of me just to enter the premises ? This isn't like Comdex or CES, where the whole point of going there is to network with others who share similar interests, and just might happen to have money to get you out of that 9-5 shit job at AOL. Those events are often worth the cost because you get to form functional relationships. H2K2 is just a bunch of people getting together for fun and distraction. You have little or no chance of selling anything at H2K2, even if you're trying to sell your own underpaid carcass. Sure, you'll hear from Dmitry Sklyarov, Kevin Mitnick and Jello Biafra, but when you walk out of that hall after the 3 days, what have you gained ? Motivation perhaps, hardly any new knowledge.. it's just not a business-type-thing, therefore it should be loads cheaper.
  • or just check out the list of panels for 2002 to see if it looks intriguing to you. And if you read Slashdot, the answer to that is probably "yes".


    Try "All of the Above"
  • by outz ( 448278 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @02:23AM (#3777060)
    I do not live in the Boston area, but here are some local nerds whom are trying to get 20 - 40 people together to rent a bus and go.. saves you the trouble of parking etc.
    • There's already a Boston Chinatown to NYC Chinatown bus for $10 each way. Run by Sunshine something. Good, new buses, and you can't beat the price.
      • Well, first of all, it's not $10 - it's $15 if you leave during certain hours, and it can be anywhere from $20 to $35 depending on other factors.

        Second, the Chinatown express takes you to just that - Chinatown. The Hackerbus is going to take you right to the front of the Hotel Pennsylvania. It'll pick you up in front of the Hotel Pennsylvania as well, on Sunday. Don't discount the pain in the ass of taking the trip to and fron Chinatown to the con. For example, I'm bringing video equipment and it's well worth it to me to take the bus and load my stuff that way.

        Last of all, the price is only part of it (although the HackerBus is much better than train or air travel). The other thing is that every single person on the bus will be going to H2K2. Make friends, hang out, know what's going on, and the rest. Don't discount that part of it. How many people on the Chinatown bus you happen to choose (there's a couple lines, and buses leave at various hours) will be going to H2K2?

        Enjoy your time with the chickens. I'll be on the HackerBus.

        - Jason Scott, Hackerbus Organizer.
  • by psyconaut ( 228947 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @02:31AM (#3777076) $50? I nearly fell off my chair. I guess I was used to conferences in the dot-com boom era and paying $2600 (haha...pun intended) for a 3-day conference.

    Seriously contemplating going...if only to do some WiFI war-walking.

  • HOPE fun (Score:4, Interesting)

    by A. Brate ( 588407 ) on Thursday June 27, 2002 @02:41AM (#3777107) Homepage Journal
    I've been to the last two HOPEs (Beyond HOPE and H2K) and let me tell you that they're a blast.

    Beyond HOPE was held in the beautiful Puck Building, was much larger than HOPE, and left 2600's finances in utter disarray. The intended hookup with HIP didn't get past the one guy who had a blinkenlight that people in Holland could control. Which was still pretty cool. We got to go for free to a show at the lost-but-not-forgotten Coney Island High on St. Mark's Place in the East Village, and to the Hell's Kitchen club the Octagon. I still have vivid memories of Cap'n Crunch working the dance floor. Much too vivid. Red Balaclava's discussion of the Metrocard made the front page of the New York Times. The social engineering panel was a great success, including a brilliant hack of the Astor Place K-Mart. The Beyond HOPE bumper sticker was a brilliant parody of the NYNEX logo, cut and colored to fit exactly over telephone booth signs...if one so desired.

    H2K, in Hotel Pennsylvania, bumped up the price from $20 to $40 (so the $50 raise is quite reasonable, though I agree it's depressing). It was a madhouse. There was an entire room of dumb terminals glowing orange in the dark, kiddies poking and prodding through everything, some launching genetic algorithms to fork-spawn-kill the network. The best panel, by far, was from the Dutch lockpickers [], who will be returning to H2K2. The CDC []'s presentation was beyond silly. Highly entertaining but genuinely incomprehensible. RMS even made a stealth appearance.

    I'm going to be helping set up H2K2 and will be shilling my new book Technomanifestos [] shamelessly, with a nice 57" LED display I picked up recently and will probably try to raffle off.

    The other event that weekend which is a must is the art-happening/rave-to-end-all-raves out in Long Island City in Queens, in 90,000! sq.ft. of an abandoned power plant...two thousand two []--note it's damn cheap for that kind of event.

    All in all, it promises to be an excellent weekend. New York City is just about all it's cracked up to be...I mean hacked up.

    --Adam Brate ( [mailto])

  • MacWorld (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    The day after H2K2 ends, MacWorld begins...plan for stay! :-)

    Chris Lambert
  • Defcon (Score:1, Insightful)

    by steveeq2 ( 148816 )
    I dont' know about you, but I'm holding out for the Defcon convention on August 6th I believe. It's in a better party town (Vegas). Oh yeah, and the Hard Rock hotel next door has plenty of cuties too. Hacking, partying, and cuties all in one place. Garrrr!!!!
    • Hacking, partying, and cuties

      Choose two.
    • I don't know what con you've been going to, but I certainly don't remember any hacking going on.
    • NYC trumps Vegas (Score:2, Informative)

      by A. Brate ( 588407 )
      steveeq2 wrote:
      It's in a better party town (Vegas)
      Ah, but does Vegas have any subway parties []?

      Sure, it has more than its share of strip shows, but how many burlesque game shows with sword swallowing and fire-eating []? Admittedly, Vegas may have plenty. But not next to a beach.

      But NYC will always kick's Vegas sorry butt where music is concerned. On the H2K2 weekend, Drowning Pool, The Samples, Gillian Welch, Loud Az F*ck, Bobby Previte's Voodoo Orchestra, Patty Larkin, Hayseed Dixies, Susan McKeown, Etta James, Link Wray, Silkworm, Viento de Agua, Vince Giordano and his Nighthawks, Coco Merenson, and about a thousand other bands will be peforming in venues all across the city. And the Verdi Requiem too. And the next week is the near-perfect Siren Music Festival [] next to the 75-year-old (yesterday!) Cyclone [].

      And H2K2 is concurrent with the Big Apple Convention [] comic book show.

      And NYC is funnier; it's home to The Onion [] and Upright Citizens Brigade [], for just two bleeding-edge examples. They're both Midwest transplants, but that's the whole point of NYC. This is where you make it.

      True, gambling and dancing are mostly illegal in NYC. But not [] entirely [].

      --Adam Brate

    • Re:Defcon (Score:2, Funny)

      by HelpfulPete ( 308947 )
      Uhh, if you tourists would go somewhere other than Times 'Disney' Square, you'd know that this is the world's leading party town.

      On second thought, stay in the little corrals we've built to suck your money out of you, you're mostly too slow and goggle-eyed to walk down a sidewalk without crashing into everyone anyway.

      As the world center of financial, artistic, and intellectual activity, we really aren't that dependent on the ameoba-like globs of mullet-bearing, j-crew wearing, Walmart shopping, inbred trogdolytes that come from places like Nevada, anyway.

  • from the h2k2 faq (

    Q: I want to hack / destroy / take down / DoS / DDoS the H2K2 network during the conference. Is this ok?

    A: No. If you do, you will be caught and possibly kicked out. The H2K2 network will be actively monitored for any activities that might hurt others' enjoyment of it. Treat the network nicely, and it will treat you nicely.

    Q: I want to hack other machines on the H2K2 network during the conference. Is this ok?

    A: If you put your machines on the network, expect them to be poked at. Conversely, poking other machines is part of the fun of H2K2, but do not be destructive (use `echo giggle | wall`, not `rm -rf /`).

    there's lots more fun to see in the faq
  • I really want to go to this conference, but it's out of the question because I am in the UK and can't afford it.

    Another reason I wouldn't go is because I would be worried that I would feel overwhelmed by everyone knowing more than me and looking down on me. Maybe it's paranoia and people are cool and friendly if you have an interest but admit your lack of knowledge, or maybe there are elitists there.

    What do people think about the attitudes of hackers there ? I only have experience of cracking x86 code, fun with tcp/ip and higher-level stuff like writing compilers. I have no real knowledge but a lot of interest in wireless technology, smart cards, phones etc.


    • What do people think about the attitudes of hackers there ?

      Well, if you don't already know, then we're not about to tell you -- go away and RTFM!!

      (Does that answer your question? ;-)

    • I'm from the UK, and I don't admit to knowing much at all really.

      I'm just keen to find out how things work, I like playing with stuff, reading about stuff and tinkering with code to make stuff happen.

      There will be people there who will know far more than me, but maybe even these people will not know some of the stuff I know... either way, I'm going and it's going to be great fun.
  • Am I the only one that misread this as H2G2 and thought it was some sort of Douglas Adams conference?
  • Nonono, it must be "H2k+2", not H2K2,

    because the k in geek-scientifical notation
    denotes the decimal point/dot (sorry, I don't
    know the exact English name for that), and
    so H2k2 translates to H2.2k = H2200

    H2002 would be H2k + 2, then, that's why.

    Btw, OpenBSD c2k+2 made this wrong, too...
  • H2K2? Is that like HK40K []?

  • Oh, h2k2. Sorry, wrong topic.

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