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Sneak Preview of AMD 760MP System 35

mjg writes: "Overclockers Australia have a sneak preview of a pre-release Tyan Thunder SMP motherboard using the AMD 760MP northbridge and a couple of 1.2GHz "workstation" Palomino (to be renamed AthlonMP) CPUs. The benchmarks are interesting, but should be taken with a grain of salt since this is a fairly early pre-release configuration. There are lots of nice images of the motherboard and CPUs included with the preview."
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Sneak Preview of AMD 760MP System

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    it's been the 760MP chipset for over a year, mate. It hasn't been windows XP for that long. as for odin (the overclockers australia - ocau) server, well. he's struggling pair of celerons @ 550MHz + 256mb ram on a bp6. dunno what's happening to their isp's pipe, but i bet it's drowning.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Google caches tons 'o stuff. I'm not saying that it's right, just that they do it. They seem to be doing just fine.

    Banner ads still show up because the html for showing them still exists (as do images, etc).
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday June 04, 2001 @03:43AM (#178839)
    You Slashdoted Australia! You bastards!
  • I have one of these coming with 3x15k scsi and 4 ide drives for backup (faster & cheaper than tape).

    It all works quite well. THis is a very small campus (ok, not that small--at some points, you can't see all 4 buildings :). I've subcontracted with the student union to fry eggs on the heatsink. They save electricity, the students get breakfast, and I dispose of heat . . .

  • by Now15 ( 9715 ) on Monday June 04, 2001 @04:26AM (#178841) Homepage
    > If slashdot had a clue, they would mirror XYZ
    > site before posting, using, ie
    > or something.
    > Keep it mirrored for 1week then flush it.

    I doubt any site that was funded by banner advertising would appreciate that.

    Plus, I doubt that the person who pays Slashdot's bandwidth bill would appreciate either.

    Not to mention the murky copyright issues involved...


  • No, MFLOPS means Million FLoating point Operations Per Second That has very little to do with Hertz.


    1. M in MFLOPS is also often expanded as "Mega", (equivalent to the "Million" you give, but more suited to a scientific unit)

    2. anything dimensionless which is measured as "per second" is Hertz. Hertz is cycles (or anything else dimensionless) per second i.e. equivalent to a unit of s^-1.

    so MFLOPS could easily be M Fl Hz

  • No, MFLOPS means Million FLoating point Operations Per Second
    That has very little to do with Hertz.

  • FYI, the server crashed, requiring a hard reboot
    1. They don't have right to do this and asking for permission would take a lot of time (aspecially for .au site, considering different time zone).

    2. They have no interest in doing this. Mirrored pages would use their bandwidth but wouldn't contain any of their banners.

  • Also, it would make sense that a 400W or greater power supply would be necessary. Priced one of those lately?

    Actually the Tyan board according to AMD needs a 460W PSU.

    You can get a 530W Enermax for around $130 USD including from Canadian store Bigfoot Computers []. Not too bad if you are willing to shell out $575 for the motherboard.
  • Also, it would make sense that a 400W or greater power supply would be necessary. Priced one of those lately?

    Actually the Tyan board according to AMD needs a 460W PSU.

    You can get a 530W Enermax for around $130 USD including shipping from Canadian store Bigfoot Computers. Not too bad if you are willing to shell out $575 for the motherboard
  • by dinky ( 58716 ) on Monday June 04, 2001 @05:37AM (#178848) []
  • I was researching putting together a dual Athlon machine for a client a couple weeks ago and I wanted to know when I could reasonably expect the MB to be available, so I asked Tyan:

    "Thank you for your inquiry. Although Tyan has no comment regarding AMD's
    plans, nor any chipset issues, I can tell you that our dual Socket A
    platform is tentatively scheduled for a mid to late Q2 release.

    Matt Vernon
    Manager of Marketing Communications
    Tyan - Innovative Internet Platforms"

    Just thought I'd share... :)

  • What I really want to know after all the news today is will the Nvidia chipset support SMP in the new AMD CPUs? If so, I'll be waiting for the goods. If not, I am still gonna pick me up a Palomino board in a couple of months. Everything I read and no mention of Dual processor support by the NForce. I guess that's a clue, but it is wishful thinking. In other wackiness, both AMD and Nvidia stock closed down today and into closed up! WTF? The market just doesn't make any damn sense to me.
  • That last part was supposed to read "...Intel closed up." Just to clarify things.
  • by dgb2n ( 85206 ) <dgb2n@com c a s t . net> on Monday June 04, 2001 @03:41AM (#178852)
    This will obviously be a major step for AMD into the server market (at least once they go into full production) but I certainly have my doubts about how well any given setup can dissipate the heat from two Athlon processors.

    Even though the Palomino is supposed to generate much less heat, I would imagine that two Athlons will pump out a frightening amount.

    Also, it would make sense that a 400W or greater power supply would be necessary. Priced one of those lately?

    I could use my Thunderbird 900 as a space heater for my mother-in-law if all the CPU and case fans didn't keep her up at night. She knows better than to turn off my server though ;-)
  • Seeing as how Microsoft codenamed WinXP Windows Whistler, does that mean other companies should stop "ripping off" the practice of using codenames, such as Coppermine, etc?

    Or the fact that Microsoft has an advertising group, other companies should stop ripping off Microsoft and not bother to come up with an attactive-sounding name for their products, because gee, that's been done before by other people?

  • From, well, the body of the SUMMARY:

    "The benchmarks are interesting, but should be taken with a grain of salt since this is a fairly early pre-release configuration."

    What part of that do you not understand?
  • you think /. has to get permission to link to a website from within articles incase of unwanted /. effect?

    f***ing Lameness Filter thought this post contained ASCII Art ?!!!! WTF? Too many /.'s prolly

  • people follow their look and feel and their marketing, which is a shame, because it really isn't all that good in the first place.
    You have got to be kidding! Microsoft has great marketing, and we can learn a lot from it. In fact, we should all pitch in and hire the Rolling Stones for the launch of Mozilla 0.91. :-)
  • ... a Beowulf cluster of these?

    Could be useful for those of us in the northern parts of America as a furnace :-) As one man who's seen a 1G Athlon fry itself in seconds just because its heatsink was misaligned I can tell you that these babies are hot!

    Didn't prevent me from replacing it with a 1.2G Athlon though... it's still "Anything but Intel Inside" for me...

  • 400W is no biggie, it's being recommended even for a single P4 processor. You can get one of those at J & R's Computer World [] in NYC for $80, or order it from them.

    You'll definitely need a case full of fans though! My 1.2G Athlon system will be heating my home office this winter all by itself!

  • Actually, if I may play the devil's advocate here -- Apple was marketing its dual processor G4 systems "MP" at least a year ago, way before "XP" was even the proverbial "glint in the milkman's eye" over at Redmond! This being said, 'MP' has been the short way to say "multi-processor" for as far back as I can remember, so I'm not claiming they came up with it.

    And Apple was the first to decide on X as the monicker for its BSD-based OS, though at least it had the taste to point out that X was merely the roman numeral for 10.

    Of course they royally screwed that explanation by (currently) referring to the system as OS X 10.0 (!). Must be something in the air in Cupertino :-)

    Microsoft's naming efforts are rather pathetic in this area. The XP "brand" was a clear steal from Apple's "OS X", unless Steve Ballmer is going to claim that the new versions of Office and Windows (are you eXPerienced?) will make you high like you're on acid, or lose your virginity, or (more likely) lose all the hair on top of your head, presumably by making you pull it all out in frustration.

    It's not to say that "OS X" was terribly original in light of Douglas Coupland's "Generation X" (1989?) and "The X Files", but at least OS X/10 did follow OS 9.

    And wouldn't you know, there is an OS X native solution for those who use X-10 home automation devices... it's all a conspiracy, I tell ya!

    Now if only Apple could find a way to make sure people don't think Microsoft came up with it first...

  • See, what you do is you take the guts out of a CD mechanism and put the metal case into the drive bay nearest the CPUs. Then you get a shingle or a small pizza peel and you have an easy way to make lunch in your server. Make sure you leave the back on the drive case, though, and you might want to put a thin layer of firebrick (can probably get that at a model railroad shop) on the bottom of the case so it holds the heat; otherwise all you've got is an easy-bake oven and that's no fun except for cookies.

    Actually, I kind of like that mobo design. The CPU sockets are staggered so you can actually put ovens in two different drive bays. Twice the pizza, twice the fun -- perfect for a LAN party...

    An AMD sympathizer (stuck with Intel) just resurrecting an old Mac addict joke from the early Pentium days...

  • When i look at the benchmarks in SiSoft Sandra, i find it rather amusing that the Dual P3 1Ghz is faster then the Dual Athlon 1.2Ghz...

    A few days ago there was a thread telling us a Single Athlon 1.2 Ghz was faster then intel's new XEON 1.7 Ghz...

    Whats wrong with this picure... the P3 1Ghz is faster then the Xeon 1.7 Ghz ? :)

    Guess there are some finetuning to make on this dual configuration. Awesome Mobo though, just wonder about the price tag...

  • why do you have to slashdot an aussie website! stay away! im trying to research the human body.. this aussie-us pipe isnt big enough for the two of us.. let me get my pr0n.
  • Personally, I don't think the analysts think AMD is much of a threat. A few years ago, shortly after AMD released the K6-2, I remember talking to one of my cousins who works for a "tech oriented investment group"(whatever that means), and he told me I was "on crack" for thinking that AMD had any chance against Intel.

    Last time I saw him, I ribbed him quite a bit and suggested that maybe crack might be a good thing for someone in his line of work. He, being the decent guy he is, admitted he had been wrong, but then went on to say how corporate America won't give up Intel.

    Personally, I think if AMD can deliver similiar performance for substantially less money, only a corporate american moron would pay more for Intel. I mean, these aren't cars without moving parts, these are solid state processors, with almost identical failure rates(from what I've read anyway). What business sense would it make to pay more for virutally the same performance?

    But then, AMD might not be able to deliver that in an SMP system. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • The sievert is m^2*s^-2 which can be written as J/kg, so it really doesn't count.

    Besides, a becquerel is really a radioactive disintegration or tranformation per second and a hertz is a cycle per second. We can't measure traffic flow in hz or bq because its cars/sec. 4/sec is not a valid convertable measurement.
  • when SMP AMD 64-bit motherboards become available.

  • by C0vardeAn0nim0 ( 232451 ) on Monday June 04, 2001 @03:42AM (#178866) Journal
    Probably because this is an early prototype that needs some optimizations.

    Sometimes I read Tom's Hardware [] for news on processors and stuff, and according to their benchmarks Athlon is faster for somethings (like integers and floating point when using it's internal x87 unit) while P4 is faster for other things (multimedia and floating point when using it's brand new SSE unit).

    And yes, clock by clock P3 can be faster than P4 in some benchmarks.

  • It's back up. FYI we had Apache set to load a few too many clients so ran outta memory. Reboot, trim it back and it seems to be working. Slow, and I imagine some people are getting "sod off, we're busy" messages, but at least people are seeing pages (eventually) now.
  • by Agg ( 246996 ) on Monday June 04, 2001 @05:41AM (#178868) Homepage
    Yes, that's right. You're very clever and we're all very proud of you. Run along now, the adults are talking.
  • by Proud Geek ( 260376 ) on Monday June 04, 2001 @04:02AM (#178869) Homepage Journal
    It's /.'d, so I can't read it, but let me guess. This:
    The benchmarks are interesting, but should be taken with a grain of salt since this is a fairly early pre-release configuration.
    means that an Intel based system whooped it ass.
  • I got a 430W Enermax PS for under $100. I didn't think that was bad. Of course, I'm not sure if it's good enough for dual Athlons... it's mostly more power to the 12V line.

    - dave f.
  • I'm suprised no-one looked it up in the dictionary. According to [] it means
    hertz n 1: the unit of frequency; one Hertz has a periodic interval of one second [syn: Hertz, Hz, cycle per second, cycles/second, cps, cycle]
    (ref here) []

    so in computer speak it means operations per second (in this case Floating point ones)
    This is the basis of computer benchmarking, with how many operations they can perform. The difference between CPUs with the same clock rates comes from the way they handle the data.

    SO, Hertz and MFLOPS arn't related but strongly corralated



    If one person believes in something that isn't there, they are delusional
    But if it is a large group it's called Religion

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