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Dell Extends Gateway Amnesty 42

As a person who's owned no less then four GW machines, two Dells, and now have two VA, one DIYS, and one IBM Thinkpad, I found the SatireWire about the Dell-Gateway Amensty pretty amusing.
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Dell Extends Gateway Amnesty

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    A friend of mine sold Dell motherboards when he was building them in his dorm room at UT. That was his DWIS that he sold to other dorm students that wanted a "clone computer." He never sold much equipment until he advertsed with PC Mag. in the early 80's. Gatway didn't start advertising on PC Mag. until the late 80's after they saw Dell's success. Another company similar to GW came along at the same time called COMPUADD. COMPUADD went under when they started building stores everywhere,just like Gateway2000 is doing now. DELL is still a mail order deal. I think building your own equipment is still a good idea, but if I were buying from someone who built it for me, I would not pick a company who did not learn from history.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Doesn't compare to the criminally negligent homicide charges I was slapped with after thoughtlessly putting a Kingston card into a server.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 02, 2001 @12:10PM (#181705)
    is hanging at Slashdot/VA?

    http://www.eavel.com/ [eavel.com]

  • "owned". past tense. He only has 4 now.

    If I had to stop a three machines total, ever . . . *shudder*

  • If you replace "Dell" with "Democrat/Republican" and "Gateway" with "Republican/Democrat", you get the level of discourse in Washington today.

  • > I've still got a circa 1991 Gateway '486/33MHz ...

    Funny... I just threw one of those out about 30 minutes ago! Stripped out the parts (1Gig HD, NIC, etc.) and put the case and MB "out to pasture". I rebuild computers for a small school here, and there comes a time when even *I* have to clear out the pile of accumulating STUFF. I'll try to breathe life into a 486/100, but the 33MHz was a little too old even for me.

    (Anyone want a fist-full of 1Meg, 30 pin SIMMs?)


  • Yeah, I know what you mean. If I want to read BBSpot, I can go there [bbspot.com].

    I'm gonna set up a script to scan other news sites and submit their articles to Slashdot. Then maybe at least I'll get karma for it.
  • by p3d0 ( 42270 )
    I mean SatireWire [satirewire.com] of course.
  • You're rich, you're happy about it, fuck those poor worthless no talent idiots eh? sigh. I was a poor kid. I started on a c64 that was broken when we got it. The only reason I ever got a PC was because my parents sold the family home that they had spent 16 years paying off so we could move into a rent housing. I struggled, and I wasn't nearly as bad off as some people are. Sure, we went hungry now and then, but some people go hungry all the time. I had reason to learn that funky computer stuff. I'd be damned if I was going to be an unskilled worker with 3 kids.
  • I have a laptop. I have a work computer and I have a home computer. My brother uses my home computer more than I do. My laptop gathers dust when I'm not on the road. Exactly why do you need that many computers? Surely you know a few deserving people who cant afford a PC. Surely you know someone with kids who slaves to pay the bills. You have the power to get someone (or his kids) started on the track out of poverty.
  • by Cylix ( 55374 ) on Saturday June 02, 2001 @02:01PM (#181713) Homepage Journal
    Still, ocassionally the heart does cry for humor. In a world of ever doubtful stocks, burdened IT workers, and just general scariness of it all ;)... it is nice to just laugh at something every once in a while.

    And after all, a little break from the way of things is sometimes what we need to regain our focus.

  • I think it is really wonderful that you have come far enough along in your recovery to admit you had 4 Gateways.

    I applaud your courage to stand up and share your story with us!

    (Michael Dell, in the back of the meeting room, has been brought to tears by this beautiful life affirming moment).
  • Well, there WAS that story a couple of weeks back about gates offering a reward to drones which turn in people for buying non-windoze computers.

    I dunno what happened to that program. I think I may have read an article about the bounty being recinded and gates admitting that it was a bad idea in the first place.... or I could just be remembering a weblog discussion...

    Resistance is NOT futile!!!

    I am not a drone.
    Remove the collective if

  • [sarcasm]

    Ok, this is odd. If this is satire, how come this [riaa.com] isn't?


  • Yeah, what's wrong with him? My only pre-built was my laptop (a CTX; it seemed like a good idea at the time...).
  • What is it with you guys? Is functional illiteracy a job requirement at Slashdot? We're not talking rocket science here. "Then vs. Than" is not a subtle concept. It's just basic use of the language, and ignoring the distinction is incredibly irritating to people who might otherwise bother finishing to read what you write.

    Wake up.

  • I've still got a circa 1991 Gateway '486/33MHz that I just use to connect to the Internet with. Do you think that I'd be grandfathered in since it's, ya know, pretty old, and it only runs Linux, or do you think that the PC police would mind?

    Hold on, someone's at the door...


  • Heh, anyone notice that comment at the end of the article about Dell helping IBM with it's exploding Thinkpads? This would sound like further scaremongering, had this exact same thing not been happening to Dell laptops! [slashdot.org]
  • only one do it yourselfer? creepy. i've had 3 ibm thinkpads, 1 kiwi opennote laptop, and 4 desktop systems i built. can't imagine not wanting to build it...


  • not star trek sig. sorry, it's somthing someone said on... *gasp* slashdot.


  • Brilliant example of exactly how carefully phrased and worded, innocent sounding lies can completely whip up public craze. You know, ones like "Any company who uses GNU software has to give away everything else they ever write for free!".

    Of course, that's only because the public is so gosh darn easy to manipulate. . .
    ----------------------------------------------- ---
  • Exactly.

    Funny thing, though: My Information Systems teacher (not that he does any teaching) always gives me this speil about how his most brilliant programmers have always been completely lacking in the English department. As if he's trying to scare me into doing more work.

    My response: "The only thing I do better than code is English."

    He's lost for words every time ;)

  • That is such a load of crap.

    I've never seen a PC from a large manufacturer whose price I couldn't beat by going down to my local distributor or swap-meet and buying the parts myself.

  • by BiggestPOS ( 139071 ) on Saturday June 02, 2001 @11:46AM (#181726) Homepage
    This was last year, it was for using a Realtek ethernet card, I should of known better, but you know how kids can be, always taking chances.

  • I understand the funny thing about the article. But, does Gateway had any PR problems which might have inspired this satiric? Because I do remember that IBM had some problems with their TP (I own 2 and I'm looking for my third, thou).
  • "As a person who's owned no less then four..."

    God gawd but when will some of you
    figure out that, in the above context, the
    word is "than", not "then". Look around on
    the Web and you'll see this all over. It's
    like those who pronounce especially as "ekspecially".
    Written != Spoken!!!
  • I hope that Hemos doesn't think that this is really happening?
  • by mmaddox ( 155681 ) <oopfoo@@@gmail...com> on Saturday June 02, 2001 @11:22AM (#181730)
    Personally, I think it's an even more brilliant example of just how arbitrary and random the Slashdot posting guidelines are. Sure, it's funny, but what does this have to do with anything? I guess I'll have to start posting Satirewire, BBSpot, and Onion links every freaking week.

    I hate to say it, but I'm starting to tire of this irrelevancy. Come on, Slashdot...be interesting again!
  • > News for nerds,

    It's not news. Where's the news?

    > Stuff that matters.

    Where's the "stuff that matters"? This certainly doesn't matter.
  • by Alien54 ( 180860 ) on Saturday June 02, 2001 @12:03PM (#181732) Journal
    ..the "Linux is a cancer" comment that Ballmer made yesterday...oh wail, that wasn't satire...


    if you substituted all the terms so that it was MS giving amnesty to users of Linux, the MS freaks would complain that it was too mean spirited. and it would be just a bit chilling, since it would expose the inherent evil in the action a little too forcefully.

    Flipping it around so that Linux users would be giving amnesty to MS users would be funnier as a satire.

    You realize that with Linux would force MS to innovate. This is an admission that MS has not innovated in the past. a tragic slip of the tongue that reveals the truth


    Check out the Vinny the Vampire [eplugz.com] comic strip

  • I remember a time (not too long ago) when segfault, satirwire, the onion, and suck all made me laugh until I peed myself.

    Did I change or did they?

    I make no excuses for the worst of these sites [ridiculopathy.com] which, I admit, has always sucked in its own charming way.

  • argh i can't spell. mental resources exahausted due to writing SAT's this morning. wail=wait

  • ...the "Linux is a cancer" comment that Ballmer made yesterday...oh wail, that wasn't satire...

  • .... Amensty ....

    I think an AMEN-STY is a place were pigs pray?

    HA HA HA now go back to sleep

  • I've still got a circa 1991 Gateway '486/33MHz that I just use to connect to the Internet with. Do you think that I'd be grandfathered in since it's, ya know, pretty old, and it only runs Linux, or do you think that the PC police would mind?

    That depends on whether Microsoft extends their amnesty program towards Linux....

  • > What would Jenna Bush do?

    Get drunk and suck cock, just like her mom. (And her dad, too.)

    I think she would get loaded first.

  • by BLAG-blast ( 302533 ) on Saturday June 02, 2001 @11:40AM (#181739)
    Remember, pot is a Gateway drug, Dell owners perfer crack for some reason.
  • Even more common is the mistake of saying no less than four when you mean no fewer than four.

    Proper grammar really matters in the job world. You may have perfect syntax in C++, Java and XML, but misusing words like it's, their/they're, to/too and than/then can quickly make you look like an idiot.

    I think that everyone should get a copy of the Bedford Handbook or at least bookmark the online version [bedfordstmartins.com]. Also, put any writing awards and recognitions you've received on your resume.

  • when you mean no fewer than four.

    But "less than" is valid on R, where "fewer than" is valid only on Z+.

    Granted there are times when you might want to confine yourself to Z+, but still.
  • Clearly it *is* satire, even if that wasn't the original intent, and even though the courts are too hide-bound to summarily declare it so.

  • Irrelvant? So Slashdot posts should all be relevant to what? You? Linux? Computers?

    The Slashdot guidelines are that it gets posted if it's interesting. This was interesting.

  • Hey! Who axed you?

    Besides, you manage to spell "good" as "god", and "god" as "gawd". I think the evidence speaks for itself! ;^D


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