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Category: Best Apache Module 25

Apache always seems to be pointed out as the definitive Open Source application. This award is for the best open source module for Apache. Is it a scripting language? An encryption extension? Nominate the module that you think adds the best feature to the most popular web server on the Internet.
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Category:Best Apache Module

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  • I grew up doing CGI's in Perl, but PHP3 just blew me away when I saw what my roommate was doing with it. This is by far the most awesome extension to Apache I have seen.
  • PHP is a very nice addition to Apache. Without it Midgard wouldn't be where it is today.


  • Awesome combination, faster than PHP and just as easy. Easier for me at least after years of perl programming.
  • session support, exceptional string handling, basic OOP support, fast fast fast, and has a reliable windoze port (so I can convince the PHBs to use php now, and switch to linux for more speed later after they're satisfied).
  • I know mod_perl and mod_php are going to be the big ones here, but please consider the fact that the accolades both of these receive are due mostly to the software they're letting Apache work with. That's not a bad thing, but they're more "glue" than modules that do something really impressive in their own right.

    So why not let this award go to a module that is more Apache-specific, such as mod_ssl?

  • by emmons ( 94632 )

    'nuff said.

  • Agreed. I love perl, and I think the things php makes possible are astounding. In fact, I have done some work coding mod_perl for an ecommerce site. But I think these are individual apps in their own right that would fit better in other categories if you really want to nominate them. Apache is just the environment they run in. Esp for mod_perl.

    OTOH there are some great modules that are specific apache modules that make apache better. Some that many can't live w/out. Like mod_ssl as suggested above and mod_ssi.
  • Since mod_php3 has already been nominated, let's add mod_rewrite as an outstanding candidate.
  • by Thalinor ( 4731 )
    building on the great php3, php4 goes where no asp has gone before..

    i can't wait to see php repeat apache's success over other proprietary solutions.

    and, according to the buzz on the street, it is already happening..

    i guess its time for asp2php []..
  • Technically, GNUJSP's not an Apache module -- it piggybacks on JServ. In the credit where credit is due dept., my vote goes the Apache JServ/Jakarta team.

  • Yes, I second that. The combination of Apache and PHP is a very powerful set of tools for delivering dynamic web pages.

    mod_php is the leading Apache module in absolute terms. mod_php is installed on 23.85% of all Apache sites according to the Netcraft statistics of December 1999. Of course, the overall number of installations is higher. Many large providers support the CGI version of PHP.

    Please note that the expression "PHP 4.0" and "Zend" are not synonymous. PHP 4.0 makes use of the Zend scripting engine.

  • why only apache? what about the other free software webservers out there? only allowing apache modules is like nominating for best linux eyecandy! greetings, martin.
  • Dont forget JServ. GNUJSP is not possible without it!!!
  • If you like PHP, check out Midgard []. Midgard extends PHP to offer built-in user-, layout- and content management.
  • ASP2PHP Rocks!! :)

    Or maybe I'm just a little bias'd... Time
    to release 0.74 I guess :)
  • That is not what I said. PHP is not glue. mod_php is glue (between Apache and PHP). PHP is, as I said, its own thing. I have no problem giving it the credit it deserves, but stick it in as "most improved" or something and vote for something here that's really indispensible as an add-on module.
  • It may not be as widely praised as mod_perl or mod_php but it saved me from having to manually check thousnads of web pages left over from NT for files being named "Whatever.Html" and referenced as "whatever.html". 20 years and stupid M$ products still smash case. mod_spelling is ok with me! Eddie
  • It's not the largest, most cumbersome, or most-widely-used module out there, but...

    1. It's new. As in, actually completed in the last year. :)
    2. It's not a programming language extension, like JServ, PHP, or mod_perl.
    3. It's incredibly useful in the situation for which it was designed (companies with A LOT of virtual hosts).
    4. It's innovative! "Let's write a module to cut down on the administrative overhead of running virtual hosts on Apache." Tony Finch, et al, at Demon Internet definitely had the right idea with this one :)

    This is my opinion and my opinion only. Incidentally, IANAL.

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