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Submission + - Kickstarter for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment (

bergie writes: Software begins as boxes & arrows on a whiteboard, let’s keep it that way! Imagine, a platform that eliminates spaghetti code. NoFlo moves code out of applications and into reusable components that can be visually wired together by doers, not just coders.

Comment Re:Not just the Linux desktop (Score 1) 1348

Sure these devices are becoming more popular. But how many people go in to their office and sat at an iPad, or Android phone to work all day long. As far as comfortable way top use a computer all day long, the desktop is still way ahead of these touchscreen devices and will be for a while yet.

Yes, I think it was Steve Jobs comparing iPad to desktops saying "desktops are like trucks", meaning you use them for the heavy lifting but not for anything fun. But this may change when productivity software catches the Touch paradigm. Remember when desktops were just for hobbyist use and the real work happened on terminal applications accessing mainframes?

Comment Not just the Linux desktop (Score 2, Insightful) 1348

I'd say, the concept of desktop as it was defined through 80s and 90s is beginning to die. Touch interfaces, actually well-working mobile devices and web services ("the cloud") are taking over more and more of the desktop's traditional role. More than a problem for the Linux desktop, I see this shift as a big opportunity as the importance of the traditional vendors like Microsoft is declining. Here are some ideas on what the "Linux desktop" ought to do:

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