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Journal Bob_Who's Journal: Google search settings are "broken" (rant)

Google's saved search settings remain a broken, bogus, reminder that Google cannot fix chronic epic failures in the user browsing experience.

I can't believe that after several years time, no matter the machine or version of windows or browser that the "Open each selected result In a new browser window" dialog check box does not function. I suppose this is Google's subtle assurance to the world that: "no matter what we say we are doing, its the user fault if its broken. No matter what assurances we offer to control the data that we amass of your lives, you can count on us to do things according to feature specifications you can't possibly comprehend. When that promise is delivered, we'll just blame you if it doesn't work. We'll pretend that the Emperor has clothes as he indecently exposes himself to world...but it's his ass, and we keep our own covered."

You're like Facebook, only exposed from the behind... Assbook, perhaps?

A broken search settings feature that you pretend functions (if the user just signs in with cookies) remains a stark reminder that you will not keep your word to manage the software or data as advertised or as it is understood by the user. Ironically, this is a pure demonstration of false advertising but we'll blame cookies..... Not only does the feature chronically fail to function for millions, it targets the very users who attempt to control cookies. Still this defect continues to be IGNORED by Google in all of its splendid FAILURE to remind us that something, like privacy and promises, is broken.

How much longer can Google and Microsoft continue to operate in corporate mediocrity on the deluded premise that it's "not their bug" that "it's a feature" and it's somebody else that is to blame for the BAD USER EXPERIENCE? This is the opposite of Quality Assurance - it's consistently defective features that remain dysfunctional as long as the Emperor's bare behind is mooning the world. Meanwhile, you neither confirm nor deny your complacence in the public's self delusion of decency.

Chomsky called this manufactured consent, which you have glibly branded "Don't be Evil". Well then, what does that make you, and how does that really improve the situation for anyone? I guess it pays for a few inflated mortgages, but otherwise its not particularly helpful in the grand scheme of things. Its sad to think that I once lived in a "do the right thing" world that has eroded into the "don't be evil" flaccidity of naked imperial dick.

You're Welcome.

Just remember, I don't need to fix this, you're the one getting paid so you figure it out. I don't care about your ludicrous cookie policies and rationales for why its not broken, so ignoring my insights any longer is just bad service.

Google isn't evil, cookies are evil. It's your fault. If the customer is always right, then apparently we are not the customers. Are we ?

And by the way, the "feedback" function on the search results page is mysteriously broken, as usual. It says "try again later" which is corporate speak for p!ss off! So I'll just post this on the boards where it will fade into oblivion.

I honestly don't expect a reply that I want from Google. Its not about some procedure that I need to do to make it work - its about what Google needs to do to fix the user experience ...or just stick it where the moon don't shine.

Get it?

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Google search settings are "broken" (rant)

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