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Journal N473's Journal: New ink :-) 10

Saturday I spent 4 hours under the needle... Broke my no color rule. I am very happy with how my dragon is looking :-) I was born in the year of, so that is why I decided to sleeve my left arm with the mythical beast...

Take a look:

Pic One

Pic Two

Pic Three

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New ink :-)

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  • Fellow year of the dragon...

    I have two inks: a shark on my left arm. Done about 5 years ago, and a dragon on my right leg... about 1 year ago.

    Still no colours... Don't want any.

    Both motives are original... Nobody else got them :-)

    • am interested in seeing these! I am monochromatic everywhere else. I have two (almost) complete sleves and seven more tattoos on my legs.

      I am going to finish my sleeves then I have plans for two more pieces: two swallows on my chest/collar bone area, and the swan song logo on my left leg. I am going to have the artist add a pipi to the logo though. I always thought it was sad that the angel didn't have a wang :-P

      Ink is addictive!
      • Well, strangely enough I do not have any photographs. I did make the artists showcase album with my first tattoo (the shark) because it was a custom job. I just went up to the guy (at a convention) and asked him to draw a shark. That's what he did (on paper, of course), for over two hours.
        Then I just said: "okay, go along". I did nearly faint, though, but that was mostly because I hadn't eaten a thing and it was a post-hangover day.

        My tattoos are really relatively small: the one on my arm is about 7

  • man, nice... very very nice. I love the colors man. I'm not big on color either... but well... i just had to have the two-tone flames on my leg.

    I'm getting my next one done next week in fact.

    Oh i fucking love that crimson ghost man... that shit is awesome. seeing it up close gives it a whole new dimension I didn't see in the other picture you showed me.

    • thanks :-)

      yeah my ghost is unlike any that I have seen. it is very well shaded and has some tribal integrated with it.
  • Maybe its my monitor but the pics are really dark - you photoshopped in a wall of color to block out all but your arm but didn't play with the levels to make it so we could actually see the tattoos!

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