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Journal bejiitas_wrath's Journal: Life in Australia & other stuff.

I have just downloaded the latest Linux binaries for Doom Legacy and they were even easier to setup then the binaries for Zdoom. It even uses my timidity setup for midi music from my Soundblaster PCI 128. I am very pleased with this program, I got it working very easily, why can't the 2.0.93 binaries be released on Linux, if the Doom Legacy team can get these working why are there no binaries past v1.22 on the Linux platform. As I wroteIn my journalthere should already be some way to compile the 2.0.93 source code with gcc and build an executable that way. Anyway, I have been working on my viewblog CGI and I have added more features using the CGI module. I now have a fully autogenerated HTML header and the BASE href tag is dynamically generated from the address of the actual server, saving the user having to type in the value for their server config. Well, life here is Australia is going swimmingly, we have a train system worse than India, the Hospitals are a joke and the Judges are getting away with drunk driving, and going on sick leave for AU$1200 a day! The trains are sitting on the platform full of early morning commuters and the train is not moving because the driver has not turned up! No I did not make this up. You could not make this up if you tried. How much worse can it get? 20 drivers go on sick leave at the same time and then you have more delays. Just to add to the horror of riding in cramped carriages packed tighter than an inmates arse in the Bangkok Hilton, there is a serial sex offender in the trains, which is pretty damned bad when there is no room to move. Not to mention train guards who make the SS look like the Salvation Army, who coming across a girl who had been Assaulted and was curled up in a ball crying, she was fined for having her feet on the seat! Excuse me for being pedantic, but considering how many problems there are with the train system in Sydney, footprints on the seats are the least of the problems. Hiring train guards from the ranks of the Gestapo will not help either, having trains that arrive on time, and are clean and air conditioned for once is the main goal here. But our country has been going downhill for many years, I do not see any let up in the decline of public services. Sure Micheal Costa has no problems with this he is probably driven to work each day, he does not have to take filthy smelly un-airconditioned trains and suffer along with everyone else. Bob Carr went on holiday while this was going on and it got this bad in his absence. Not that he actually does anything anyway! I do not fancy sitting in a motionless train carriage with serial gropers and B.O offenders waiting and waiting for the driver to turn up so's we can be on our way thank you very much. And what is it with those people who still insist on using those 20th century Floppy Disks. It is the 21st century people, I just bought some mini CD's the other day, the cases are exactly the same size as a floppy disk but they fit 21min - 185mb, which fits 128.4722222222222 floppy disks on one CD according to Kcalc. And they only cost AU$7.95 for a packet of 5. They are not re-writable, but they are very cool. Much better than a floppy, the last time I used one was to cat a FreeDos image to one. With all the money you spend on packets of Floppies you could have bought a USB Drive. A 128mb one can be had relatively cheaply now. Oh, your PC runs Windows '98, is that your excuse is it? USB Drives can work with Windows '9x but moving from one PC to another is a problem, that is why I prefer Windows 2000/XP if I have to use Windows. Although using Windows XP is an exercise in frustration compared to KDE 3.2.2 which is a pleasure to use. I have 192mb of RAM and have Wine, Apache 2 and 1600*1200 pixel wallpaper on as well as XMMS running and I still have plenty of memory free for CD burning and gaming. Try that in XP.
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Life in Australia & other stuff.

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