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Journal lingqi's Journal: October 22nd, 2004 4

October 22nd, 2004 (7:34pm)

Well, i am about 15 minutes from going home, and about 20 hours away from a plane carrying me to NY for a few days, and I really havn't finished all the work that I should have finished before getting on the said plane, but the last 15 minutes is not going to save my life.

Typhoon 23 finally passed over japan with a lot of casualties - while typhoons here doesn't have the whole "off-goes-the-roof" effect that Florida keeps experiencing, possibly due to, at least in part, that there ar way too many do-it-yourself roofers in Florida, there are always some associated floods and landslides and ocean waves going over banks (or, in 23's case, ripped off a piece of old bank that was build too long ago), and subways flooding etc. Even Tokyo was not spared, as a deserted Shibuya was under several inches of water.

Not too sure what I can say - except that global warming has got to stop or this planet is turning into Venus in a handbasket.

The romantics within the office hung up Halloween decorations - to liven up an otherwise somewhat boring office space with dashes of orange here and a plastic pumpkin there and a paper skeleton in the middle. The effort was not concerted by the entire floor, of course, and it ends up to be just about the wrong amount of it - there was too many to stash into for the "Halloween accent," but too little for an all-out display, so the few pumpkins and skeleton and bats just kind of hang from the ceiling without much corrolation to eachother, more like a sign of "beware! this is what happens to skelectons and bats that tresspass into this area." Not that anybody here except me would even have an opinion on this, anyway.

Hmm... seems like my 15 minutes are up (Wow I type slow). Tomorrow there is a 14 hour plane ride for me in economy class - and yesterday something weird happened to my back so I am not the happiest camper, faced with the necessity of sitting for 14 hours with an only partially functional back.

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October 22nd, 2004

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  • Is your stay in japan extended?
  • I couldn't find an email addr so I'll try this way:

    I'm heading to Toyko for a couple days in November (and then to Hong Kong), I'm coming out of northern California and am wondering what gadgets would be worth purchasing or even looking at while there?


    • hmm... this is pretty late reply, but actually digital cameras are cheaper in the US than tokyo, unless you are looking for things that you can't even get in the US, like Sony T-3. Otherwise some people like the assortment of laptops (panasonic, usually) and sharp zauruses that US lack of. Japan also have a much larger selection of MD players than US would ever have.

      besides those, just head to a big electronics shop (with money) and something are sure to strike your fancy.

      Not sure about hong kong as i hav

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!