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Journal bluefairee's Journal: MUCH BETTER 3

i just covered his bathroom and beloved computer in blood. not too many cuts were needed. it hurt because i just reopned wounds, but it was totally worth it.

blue :-)

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  • Stop trying to fix things yourself!

    Let yourself be helped!

    Get help!

    You deserve it!

  • If you haven't figured it out, Blue, that was when you should have called me back. BEFORE doing something like that.

    Since you didn't reach out to anyone, now you need to go back to the hospital and talk to them about why not.

    YOU MADE A CHOICE. And in this case, it was a bad choice. You are still responsible for your actions, and you aren't reaching out when you KNOW you need to reach out.

    Yeah, i get it. THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT OKE.

    Now i hope to hell you're in treatment getting help, cause if you aren't, i
  • when you realize people aren't out to get you. people are trying to help you because you deserve help. they try to help because they believe that there are solutions for you that will allow you to live and be happy at the same time. it is not a punishment that they help you. it is a gift. if you don't like the gift, at least learn to appreciate the spirit in which it is given.

"An open mind has but one disadvantage: it collects dirt." -- a saying at RPI