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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Oligarchy sucks 8

Good article:

When our current President was elected, many progressives saw the dawning of a new epoch, a more egalitarian and more just Age of Obama. Instead we have witnessed the emergence of the Age of Oligarchy.
The outlines of this new epoch are clear in numerous ways. There is the diminished role for small business, greater concentration of financial assets, and a troubling decline in home ownership. On a cultural level, there is a general malaise about the prospect for upward mobility for future generations.

Read the whole thing.
I know there are some on here who like to equate this oligarchy with "conservative" politics, though I disagree with that entirely.
Past all that, though, what matters is what we're going to DO about it.
If Mississippi teaches us anything, I submit that http://conventionofstates.com/ is the way to go. Forget DC, and its Progressive overlords.

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Oligarchy sucks

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  • It seems that 9 months after the exchanges opened and people switched, I'm suddenly seeing a lot of people just like me having unpaid medical bills that used to be taken care of by insurance.

    I have a fraud complaint against my Cover Oregon insurance company in the works because of false advertising on Cover Oregon.

    • For "unnecessary" treatments or procedures?

      Today we hear, from all media outlets, that annual pelvic exams are no longer necessary for most women. Shazam! Gee, that little gamble should save the government a bunch of money (in the short term).

      Kind of like the story of some years ago about how women no longer need annual mammograms beginning at age 40. Some "U.S. Preventive Services Task Force", an "independent panel of experts" you see, declared they can wait until age 50, and then only get it every othe

      • I think I want to keep breathing [blogspot.com]. I'm pretty sure I've developed asthma from this- as all of my cubical mates can attest to and many have complained about. But I've been outright denied the medication that could help, and the copays on the medications that are left are exorbitant.

        A complaint has been filed with the Oregon Insurance Commission for false advertising on Cover Oregon.

        • Well, as Lefties say, "we're all in this together" now, and we gotta cut costs for the collective, because it's the system that's important, and not individuals' lives. So, breathing is optional. (I.e. you may have to take one for the team here.)

          It occurs to me, Lefties decry capitalism in part because of the unfairness of the "survival of the fittest" aspect of it. Yet that aspect is only absent in socialism in pie-in-the-sky theory. The Left is just offering a trade for a different kind of "some do we

          • "It occurs to me, Lefties decry capitalism in part because of the unfairness of the "survival of the fittest" aspect of it. Yet that aspect is only absent in socialism in pie-in-the-sky theory."

            Which is why I've moved away from Karl Marx towards C. Reinhard Marx. Socialism, and communism, and fascism, are all different sides of the same coin of using communalism to cheat people in a capitalist fashion. They're no different than Ponzi schemes in that respect.

    • Wife just had second child. We're getting all of these bills from specialists we don't recall seeing. Not cheap. Smacks of possible skullduggery.
  • ...beyond groups and individuals seeking unfair advantage through government, are necessarily Leftists' goals for America. Crony capitalism because capitalism unmolested is horrifically "unfair". And oligarchy because the unwashed masses can't be trusted to make the right decisions, so they need them to be made for them by a more enlightened elite guard.

    Movement of wealth up out of the middle classes, moving us into the lower classes, in conjunction with our illegal^Wundocumented immigrant policy, is exac

    • I'm willing to say that these are natural features of organizational behavior. I think that the structure of the 1787 Constitution had a lot of features to preclude our current issues, but those interlocks were over-ridden. God damn Progressivism.

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