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Journal rossz's Journal: Feel the Love 3

Wow. I posted about using squid to control my teenage daughter's internet access here and you can feel the pure hatred that comes through from the huge crowd of masturbating teenage boys with no fucking clue about real life.

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Feel the Love

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  • I kind of feel that when a child is old enough to want to know about something, they are old enough to learn about it.

    As a parent, you have choices. For each encounter either you are supreme guardian or you are an information choice. There are times for both.

    One thing though, if a parent has a tendancy to lie or misinform for purposes of manipulation, the child will often notice this immideatly and treat the parent as the useless source of information he is.

    For instance, saying something like "I would
    • I agree,if she is old enough to ask about something, she is old enough to learn about it, because she will learn about it one way or another. However, there are some things that I do not wish her to learn on her own. For example, there are some very scary cults out there masquarading as religion. A gullible person (and my daughter, although intelligent, is gullible) will too easily believe their crap. If she wants to learn about these cults she can sit down with my wife or myself and browse through thei
      • Very good points. I think that the fact that my mother allowed us a glass of champagne on NewYears and (when we got a little older, 15ish), would allow us to drink during parties at the house helped my brother and I stay away from becoming addicted alcholics (I drink a couple times a year, if that. He drinks a little more. My mother still has 6 glasses a night)

        I'm also afraid of the cults--most of them calling themselves Christian, but they usually recruit at school which is really scary.

        My family was

"An organization dries up if you don't challenge it with growth." -- Mark Shepherd, former President and CEO of Texas Instruments