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Journal cbelt3's Journal: wds is weird design shit

Playing with WDS on a client's apple airport extreme base station setup. I finally realized the problem was one of antenna structure- the base station needs to be mounted horizontally, not vertically the way the nice little wall mounting gizmo shows. It also means that the density of the base stations needs to be higher to make it work. Hmm. in short, if you plugged an Apple Airport Express base station into every room in the manse, we could saturate with WDS signals without having too much trouble. That would be cool. Now if Apple will come up with a design that can be embedded in a wall switch or power socket, and left pretty much alone forever. We could wire up the houses during rough-in. No Cat5 to run, just replace the tech every 3-5 years. Besides, Cat5 will be old hat in a couple of years, but fiber just isn't standard enough to run. We keep pushing copper....
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wds is weird design shit

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