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Moderation abuser???

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  • Have you been watching your M2 reports? It'd make sense if you got a bunch of "Unfairs" lately. Also, it might be somebody on your subnet abusing the system... either way, it might be worth e-mailing Taco 'cause it's not addressed in the FAQ.
    • OK. I'll bite. What is an M2 report?

      I haven't been given an opportunity to moderate in over two years. I have no idea why.

      • What is an M2 report?
        Oh, well go to Prefs/Messages - I'm talking about the comment moderation report. For each moderation you make, the report will tell you whether it was deemed "fair" or "unfair" in M2.

        I haven't been given an opportunity to moderate in over two years.
        Chances are you just read /. too much (most people I've talked to have this problem. Here are the qualifications for mod points, from the FAQ page:

        * Logged In User If the system can't keep track, it won't work, so you gotta log in. Sor

        • I'm not sure that the FAQ gives the whole story. I haven't had mod points in over a year (when I had been getting them about once a week). The only criterion that I would fail is the "too many page loads" one. I've made an effort to reduce this by (1) taking time off Slashdot, and (2) reading while logged in under a different account. Neither seemed to have any effect. There are others in the same position, who have tried similar approaches. To my knowledge, no one who has ever been without mod points
          • Well, the only thing I can really say for sure is that I recently started reading /. a LOT more (during breaks at work, etc.) and have been commenting a lot more. I haven't had any run-ins with Michael, haven't been bitch-slapped, and haven't had any association with FortKnox (may have had him on my friends list for a short time, but I've gotten plenty of points since I took him off, so I don't think that's the reason)

            I did notice that when my computer was down for about a week and I stopped reading almost
            • My reading level went up significantly about a month or two before I stopped getting mod points, but subsequent decreases have not produced any mod points. I never had an unfair M2, at least none that was reported via the messaging system. And I can't recall anything, other than having FortKnox on my friends list, that would trigger any kind of reaction from the editors. A couple of anonymous trolls are about the worst, but nothing really bad. So I'm pretty much left guessing.
      • That's the funny thing - I don't think I've had moderation points in the last year or two either, so that makes the "Moderation Abuser" tag all the more bemusing. Fortunately, it went away later that day, but has anyone else even seen it before?

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