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Journal illuminata's Journal: Posting Blocked - Three Updates, Ban's Gone 1

Well, it looks like I can't post because of too many negative moderations that were done by some people who don't like what I have to say. It's been happening for a while and it finally seems that they got their way...
But we'll see if we can't get this little hitch taken care of. If this journal post is indeed successful, I'll write responses by editing this entry.


Response to Mantorp: It doesn't involve all of them, but whatever ones that are available at the time they try to mod me down. Take a look at most of my recent posts, most of them have overrated moderation. I think that they might use offtopic sometimes as well, but for the most part they use overrated. These moderations all happen within seconds/minutes of each other. They've done this for months now, with the effects only sometimes knocking me down in karma until now. I can still post and edit journals and vote in polls however.

Message to mirko: Hey mirko, I just noticed that you were in a similar situation. Seeing how we can't post to each other's journals, I'll just use this method. So, how's it going over there?

Ban update: Wow, that posting ban was really short. I guess they weren't lying when they said temporary.

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Posting Blocked - Three Updates, Ban's Gone

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