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Journal NanoGator's Journal: Man, some people are idiots... 12

Heh. Today I had somebody call Lightwave 'bad software'. Their reasoning was pretty silly. Here's a link to the post:

Idiotic ramblings here...

What's really amusing is that my post was along the lines of "I did a cool hack to make animation faster." and this dumbshit tried to turn it into a "LW vs. Maya" debate. I got lightly suckered in, couldn't help it. When you spend so much time learning how to make effective use of a product, you can't help but make your time worthwhile.

Too bad he was an AC. I bet he never saw my response. Coward.

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Man, some people are idiots...

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  • I've spent more than a few manhours using LW, Maya, 3DSMax, and a few other apps (yes, it's warez, since 3D art is only a hobby to me - if I were to ever profit off the output, I'd go legit in a heartbeat), and in my somewhat limited experience, I'd say that Maya has the 2nd best interface (LW in first, max in last), but the most "power" once you get your mind around it. And all the stock renderers pretty much blow. (I like Brazil w/ max).

    One thing I love about Maya's interface though is it's quick "spacebar menu" (can't remember it's official name).

    ...hrm... I guess this reply is tangential too. I just can't resist talking 3D. :)

    So, you do it for a living then?

    (this post doesn't count towards the great /. blackout :)


    • Heh we definitely agree on interfaces. I wish I could talk intelligently about Maya's interface, but I cannot. MAX is awful. I mean it's great from a tweaker's point of view, you can do lots of stuff. But heirogly... err.. i mean icons are a shity way to tell somebody what they're doing.

      Yes, I do it for a living. Technically my job doesn't have me doing animation so much, but my 3D and general multimedia skills are extremely useful where I work. I do a lot of independent study with 3D.

      You know, Ive heard blurbs about the /. blackout, can you summarize what it is?
      • /. blackout is a statement to the editors here. They undervalue the user comments, even though this is a user driven web site. You don't need to look very far to see how they quash whole threads that are marginally related to the story they are under. So a bunch of the regular posters are just becoming lurkers for a week. They aren't even supposed to read the comments (I know you do, silly little men!)

        Oh yeah! I should add fuel to the fire! Lightwave and Maya both pale in comparison to Blender!

        (You might have to look purely at the "out of box" price to performance ratio. That means no scripting either, OK?)

        • By 'quashing threads', do you mean moderating them down? If so, I'm not sure it's the editors you're after. Lots of ppl have moderation points...

          Maybe I'm misunderstanding you.

          Blender? Heh you know, I never did get around to playing with that. Wish I could comment on it. Im pretty well dead set on using LW, but I would like to use Maya one day. If only I could get an educational version of Renderman...
          • editors can moderate down a whole thread at once, and I think the people's karma points suffer. Karma is unimportant to /. editors, but it is very important to some posters.

            Link for more reading on the blackout:

      • Yeah, max has critical mass going for it, Maya's got complex power, and LW's an all-rounder (IMO) -- tradeoffs as always.

        I love the art @ sites like raph.com [raph.com], 3dluvr [3dluvr.com], DeviantArt [deviantart.com], and a few others. I got to have my moodfix ya know (got any links [3dlinks.com] that don't get enough respect?)

        'bout the /. blackout .. what the other guy said .. though I thought you were play'n dumb. :)


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