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The Gimp

Journal linzeal's Journal: Selling from an online gallery that uses Ebay, opinions? 2

I will try to be succinct. Ok, I have almost 100 peices of art from a 2 year period that I want to try to sell on Ebay to pay the bills instead of working at Taco Bell or the Movie Theater in this town. I am only allowed to display 20 at a time on this thing. So be discerning but not cruel or crass please.

To think; I used to be a sysadmin for a fortune 500 company, heh would you like cinnamon twists with that? Anyways I need opinions on what looks good and what looks trite. I have selected representitive pieces from different styles that I tend to and would like any input that you can give. Thanks again.

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Selling from an online gallery that uses Ebay, opinions?

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  • Hmm, "A new facade for John" looks like a Vorlon []

    Hope you find work soon, it sucks being unemployed. I think the economy is looking up though, so hang in there and don't give up..

    • See this is the kind of input I need. Where else can I get my art compared to fictional aliens and be able to take that as a heady compliment?

      Problem is not finding employment it is finding employment while going to school full time. I have sold ~10 pieces offline thus far in local coffee shops but the 20 dollars every week or so is not cutting it, need to move merchandise! Damn, I wish I never thought I was an anarchist because my capitalist skills are severely lacking, anyone know any good books, we

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